Android 2.2 “FroYo” to include USB tethering and portable WiFi hotspot creation


The steady trickle of information and hype surrounding the upcoming release of Android 2.2 "FroYo" seems to be building up a head of steam with the recent news of integrated Flash 10.1, to massive performance gains (450%!), and of course the anticipated unveiling of the giant frozen yogurt sculpture that is said to already be on site at the Googleplex.

Moving away from dessert and getting back to the main course, the latest information filtering out about Android 2.2 is particularly spicy, with news that the update will include USB tethering and the ability to turn your phone into a portable WiFi hotspot similar to the MiFi! Both these connectivity sharing options will allow users to share their data connection with various other devices from laptops, tablets, and portable game consoles either through a direct USB connection or using your own personal WiFi hotspot as shown in the screen above.

This is great news for Android users and a very desirable and useful feature. The only question mark is whether the implementation of the connectivity sharing options will be affected by carriers, either through charging extra for their use or having the choice to deactivate them. Hopefully neither of these scenarios will be the case. With the likely official launch of Android 2.2 at Google I/O next week, the FroYo can't come soon enough!

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