Nexus One ditched by Sprint, seen canoodling with Froyo and Flash 10.1

Froyo_n1 The end has come quickly for anyone still holding out a glimmer of hope for a CDMA version of the Nexus One, now that Sprint has officially decided to pass on Google's phone and throw all their eggs in the EVO 4G basket, according to Gizmodo. The news is hardly surprising, considering the EVO laps the Nexus One in the specs department and Verizon had also decided to pass on the handset a few weeks back to concentrate on the Droid Incredible.

Even so, there are sure to be those who would have still preferred the Nexus One and its stock incarnation of Android for speedier OS upgrades, in comparison to the delays that SenseUI-skinned phones must endure while waiting for carrier approval. Of course, this theory hasn't been proven yet since the Nexus One shipped with Android 2.1 and has yet to see an upgrade to 2.2, but we're getting closer to testing the upgrade potential, as seen after the break in a very interesting video.

Ryan Stewart, an evangelist of sorts from Adobe, was happily showing off his Nexus One running Flash 10.1 seamlessly within the browser, unlike the competition. Most of the content being demoed appeared just as it does on a standard browser, but the interesting part came near the end of the video when he showed the new Android 2.2 home screen, which includes new shortcuts for the phone dialer and browser flanking the Launcher icon.

Check out Ryan's video below and skip to the 6:29 mark if all you want to catch is the peepshot of Froyo sitting front and center on the Nexus One. Just don't blink, because it only lasts for a short four seconds.

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