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Review: Rocketfish Mobile silicone case for HTC EVO 4G

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One of the HTC EVO accessories listed on the leaked Best Buy sheet as being "available a few weeks after launch" is the black silicone cover from the company's in-house brand, Rocketfish Mobile.

If you decided to hold off on purchasing the official HTC silicone that was available on launch day because you wanted to see what this Rocketfish case would be like, go ahead and get the other case. This one isn't worth its $16.99 asking price.

Design & Quality

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This is the thinnest silicone skin I've ever seen not just for the HTC EVO, but for any device. Some people may consider that to be a good thing, as it adds a minimal amount of bulk to the phone, while others might be turned off because of how cheap it feels. The quality reminds of those yellow rubber gloves people use to wash dishes or do housework. It's flimsy and feels like it could tear easily.

The cutouts have rough edges on the inside; there's even some extra bits of silicone hanging from the sides, which wouldn't happen if the cuts were clean. This "evidence" is also on the outside of the case, around the seams.

And don't get me started on those hideous top corners.

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On a positive note, the skin provides a lot of grip (the official silicone, you may recall, is quite slippery). This is actually a double-edged sword, though, because although it reduces the possibility of the case falling out of your hand, it also makes it more difficult to clean off all the dust and lint that will stick to it. And stuff like that will stick to it (look at the photo above for proof).


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The Rocketfish silicone slips onto the EVO easily and fits it well.

Evo-rocketfish-silicone (8) 

Evo-rocketfish-silicone (7) 

Evo-rocketfish-silicone (9) 

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All of the ports are easily accessible and the power and volume buttons are protected. The cutouts for some of the ports are a little sloppy, but I suppose too big is better than too small.

Evo-rocketfish-silicone (4)

But what was Rocketfish thinking with these awful-looking corners?


I can't believe Best Buy is charging $16.99 for this. There are better silicones out there that cost less.

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So if you're looking for a great silicone skin for your HTC EVO, then look elsewhere. Or at least wait until this is in the bargain bin for $5.

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