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How fast is 4G on your HTC EVO?

Evo-4g-flamesWe know that flipping the 4G switch on the HTC EVO results in greater battery drain and have heard that it makes some users' phones get too hot to handle, but what kind of speeds do you actually get from it?

Sprint advertises its 4G network as being up to 10 times faster than 3G, but in my hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii, I'd describe it as 10 times slower than 3G at its worst and about the same as 3G at its best. I haven't tested the speeds all over the island yet (I only got 4G working on my EVO a few days ago) and actually don't know how close I've been to an actual tower, but when the 4G icon in the status bar shows that I've got a full signal, I expect excellent performance.

The best 4G download speed I've gotten so far has been a little over 1Mbps, which is usually what I get on 3G.

Here's what I got on 4G a few hours ago:

Evo-4g- (1) 

Evo-4g- (2) 

Evo-4g- (3)

Pathetic! Speed test results are never constant or consistent, but this is unacceptable.

I haven't applied the latest software update; I'm curious about the WiFi improvement (I just got 5.27Mbps down on the EVO and 7.70Mbps down on the iPhone 4) but don't care enough about it to lose all the things the update "fixes." A few people have told me that the update has boosted their 4G speeds, while others have reported no difference.

Where are you and what kind of 4G speeds do you get on your EVO?

Update: 4G speeds have greatly improved with Froyo on my EVO. They still pale in comparison to what many of you are getting, but they're much better (~2Mbps down).

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