Dell Streak and accessories get a little cheaper in the UK

Streak-uk-price-dropJust about two months after being released in the UK, the Dell Streak and all of its accessories are now available for slightly lower prices.

Here's the rundown:

  • Unlocked Dell Streak (black and red): previously £449, now £416
  • Spare battery: previously £47.21, now £38.99
  • Home AV dock kit: previously £63.22, now £54.99
  • Form fit case: previously £33.22, now £24.99
  • USB power adapter kit: previously £40.22, now £32.00
  • USB charging/sync cable: previously £32.22, now £23.99
  • Premium wallet case: previously £40.22, now £32.00
  • Car docking kit: previously £63.22, now £54.99
  • Regional power adapters: previously £32.22, now £23.99

The new prices include VAT and shipping. Accessory availability ranges between 5 to 7 days and 1 to 2 weeks.

The reductions aren't drastic, but unadvertised price cuts for a new device and its entire accessory lineup certainly raise an eyebrow. Whether the lower prices are to spur sales (anyone know how well the Streak is selling in the UK?) or the result of something going on behind the scenes that we can only speculate about, at least new buyers will be able to save some cash.

Thanks, Vijay & David!

Update: It seems the accessory prices haven't really changed and the price for the Streak is fluctuating. Can nothing on a Dell website remain true?

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