Dell Streak and accessories get a little cheaper in the UK

Streak-uk-price-dropJust about two months after being released in the UK, the Dell Streak and all of its accessories are now available for slightly lower prices.

Here's the rundown:

  • Unlocked Dell Streak (black and red): previously £449, now £416
  • Spare battery: previously £47.21, now £38.99
  • Home AV dock kit: previously £63.22, now £54.99
  • Form fit case: previously £33.22, now £24.99
  • USB power adapter kit: previously £40.22, now £32.00
  • USB charging/sync cable: previously £32.22, now £23.99
  • Premium wallet case: previously £40.22, now £32.00
  • Car docking kit: previously £63.22, now £54.99
  • Regional power adapters: previously £32.22, now £23.99

The new prices include VAT and shipping. Accessory availability ranges between 5 to 7 days and 1 to 2 weeks.

The reductions aren't drastic, but unadvertised price cuts for a new device and its entire accessory lineup certainly raise an eyebrow. Whether the lower prices are to spur sales (anyone know how well the Streak is selling in the UK?) or the result of something going on behind the scenes that we can only speculate about, at least new buyers will be able to save some cash.

Thanks, Vijay & David!

Update: It seems the accessory prices haven't really changed and the price for the Streak is fluctuating. Can nothing on a Dell website remain true?

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17 thoughts on “Dell Streak and accessories get a little cheaper in the UK

  • I hate to say it Jenn but the increased accessory prices were only for about a day and they’ve been at these prices for a couple of weeks at least now. Also the Dell Streak prices are back up to £449.

  • Avatar of Wolfpack

    Damn. I was planning to order one yesterday and struck to decide whether to order just streak or streak with multimedia package.

  • The price keeps changing between 416£ and 499£ on the site. I would say it’s strange to it fluctuate like that but with all that’s been happening in the last few weeks I am unsurprised.

  • Those accessory prices are the same as they’ve been almost since they arrived on the site. The Streak is sold out at my local O2 and CPW stores and the Streak’s display unit was the busiest thing in the O2 store… so if there’s a price cut coming its probably not a result of poor sales…

  • Avatar of Christopher Teague

    How can you publish unfounded infomation.I purchased my Streak on 26th July only to read on your site the price has dropped!, well it hasn’t, its still £449.

  • Oh, for crying out loud! I don’t think I should write about anything that’s on a Dell website ever again.

  • It’s not unfounded if the info was actually on the Dell website (as evidenced by the screenshot, Pooey’s comment above, and the reader who sent me the tip). I didn’t make it up or hear it from some random person on Twitter.

  • Matt is going to tell us when he is sending the official Press release for the US launch, right Matt?

  • poor show, Dell. you’ve certainly disappointed your fans here.

    Jenne, do keep up the good work. The info is useful for us wannabe streakers, albeit disappointed & alienated.

  • Avatar of Philly Z!

    Dell is dumb!!!!!
    I have $$$$$$ an want to buy this sweet device but they won’t release it in the states their lose I think I’m gonna go get a Droid X now I’ve waited long enough an nothing!

  • Avatar of Philly Z!

    I really don’t like Motorola and hate the Droid X’s hump on the back I really love the Streaks nice an slick clean cut design but wow Dell talk about a shitty launch!

    I like HTC design & build so mayb I’ll get an EVO but I really want the Streakyet Dell your blowing it

  • Avatar of Wolfpack

    @Christopher Teague: Jenn is right. You can also chat with dell(U.K) to confirm about the price fluctuation.

  • The discounts were listed as a sale price. Sales are not permanent. Since it was a sale you can probably lower the eyebrow again.

  • Cambridge (UK)’s Grafton Center (a Mall, to US people :-) had a streak; 3G wasn’t activated, wifi in the shop was down, staff seem clueless/uninterested. No sign of any accessories being available.

    the Streak is in a class of its own, i.e. you’ll love it or hate it IMHO, I am the former, and O2 are doing Dell no favours, it’s almost as if they want you to buy an expensive iphone instead :-)

  • Being the Streak is coming out now this friday I have a question of Utmost importance that i’m hoping Jenn could answer.

    What is the battery life like on the Streak? I ended up buying a Captivate back on 7/21 and i love the phone but the battery on this thing is HORRIBLE! I’ve got everything shutdown, no auto syncing, screen brightness is shut down to nothing which is a waste because the screen is gorgeous, etc etc…

    I have 30 Days to bring this phone back and i’m nearing that date. If the battery life is good on the Streak i might just pull the trigger and throw down the extra $100 and pick this up. I really wanted the Streak to begin with but really sick of the iPhone and Dell’s delay’s.

    So, how’s the battery?? WHAT SAY YOU JENN!!!

  • Crap i posted in the wrong article….


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