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Diminutive Archos A28 shows up leaving us to wonder where the rest of the family is


After making its first appearance by name on for pre-order, the Archos 32 PMP/MID has also stopped by the FCC for the standard approval process and photoshoot. This kick started our anticipation of Archos' upcoming Gen 8 series of Android devices, with the appearance of the Archos A28 ramping things up another notch. Smaller than the 32 with a 2.8-inch touch screen, the A28 is probably one of if not the smallest member of the family looking like a phone/PMP rather than an internet tablet. Like its larger siblings, the A28 is a full featured Android device with b/g/n WiFi and 8GB of local storage, but other details are currently unknown. 

The small screen size indicates it and the similar looking Archos 32 are definitely intended to be PMP-centric devices rather than internet tablets, leaving us to ponder when we will finally get to see the new 5 to 7-inch MIDs from Archos that would be more interesting to us here at Pocketables. The initial presentation of the Gen 8 series mentioned devices ranging from 3 to 10 inches, so with the smaller end of the scale now adequately covered, here's hoping that Archos will soon reveal the larger members of the family. For those interested in getting a closer look at the Archos 32, be sure to check out some images after the break, or head down to the FCC for the full lowdown here and here for the A28.

 Archos_32_1 Archos_32_2

[wireless goodness via Ubergizmo]
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