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HTC EVO in stock at Amazon for $99


Forget about TigerDirect's $159.99 sale on the HTC EVO. is now selling the handset for an ultra low $99ir?t=goodandevo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B003N9B3CY - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here with new service plan. The retail giant had previously been selling the phone for the standard $199.99 just a few weeks ago, so who knows how long this reduction will last. It could even be the beginning of further price drops on the site! This is the first time I've seen the EVO dip below $109.99 online, and that price was only good for two days in July.

The EVO is currently in stock at Amazon and eligible for free super saver shipping, so grab it while you can.

[Amazonir?t=goodandevo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B003N9B3CY - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here] Thanks, Man!

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19 thoughts on “HTC EVO in stock at Amazon for $99

  • Avatar of kstag

    Does this mean Sprint is bringing in a new, bigger, badder model to headline the carrier soon? I haven’t heard of anything imminent and nobody is exactly pushing the EVO around, know what I mean? The EVO Desire HD has essentially the same specs in Europe and that was just released.

    Is this just a way for Amazon to flex its muscle before it pushes out its app store?

  • Any way to take advantage of this with an upgrade? I checked and you can on Tigerdirect…

  • Highly unlikely that the Evo is going to be upstaged by anything significant anytime soon.

    I follow Engadget/Gizmodo, and none of the phones on the horizon seem like they’d make me think twice about buying an Evo now, especially at that price.

  • How can you get it at this price with an upgrade? Is there a way to get around that?

  • I haven’t looked yet but I’ll bet this is for new customers only.

  • Avatar of Michael

    I think it’s because HTC has some new Windows Mobile 7 phones coming early 2011.

  • Avatar of Skyler

    If I buy from here can I apply the discount from if anyone knows about it?

  • Avatar of Cheeb

    I found a great way to get around the “new customer” restriction on Amazon for those that want to add another Evo (significant other, etc) to their individual plan.

    You can order it as a individual or family plan and order several Evos or other phones. Put the new account in the name of the person you want to share a plan with (obviously, you need their consent to open a line, etc)

    Once they get their new Evo, you can call Sprint and ask for a “transfer of liability” on the new account and transfer it in to your old account. I called Sprint twice to check and they said that you can do this with any Sprint plan and combine it under a Family plan.

    This way you get a great deal on the Evo, and get to save money by combining the plans for a family plan.

    I did this today I ordered an Evo, and two other phones under a family plan and plan on combining them together once it arrives. Sorry for the long rant, but figured you guys would find it useful.

    Also beware Tiger Direct requires you to add a tv/radio plan on the Evo for 6 MONTHS at 15 (cheapest is 15) so they are NOT giving you a deal.

  • Avatar of Cheeb

    Also above method requires that you have enough credit on the original account to have more than one line. Now if you have crappy credit, keep it moving! :P

  • Yah pulled the trigger on this deal about 4 hours ago after over a week playing around with the EVO at a Sprint store. Its been very tempting for a while, but $299 + tax out of pocket was really putting the transition from T Mobile and my POS G1 on hold…until this deal. Now once I get everything setup I just need to contract Sprint and get my company’s 20% discount on the monthly bill and I’m golden. :D

    PS- They are always waving activation fees until the 18th…tomorrow.

  • Avatar of Tiradora

    WOW! I have come to find Amazon has been having some great deals on electronics and accessories…but this is a pretty swift price reduction for this phone. If someone was on the fence about this phone, this would be the tip.

    *Amazon should be called Amazin’!!!*

  • What I don’t see is any way to get this price from Amazon if you have a current account that’s good for an upgrade phone, as mine is.

    Indeed, we’re a Premier account, for whatever that’s worth.

  • Avatar of Brian Williams

    I checked with Amazon wireless sales today and was told that this is for new Sprint customers only. If you have an account with available lines as I do, you cannot take advantage of this deal. You must be a brand new Sprint customer. I told the amazon lady “this sucks” and she said she has heard that all day. I would think a new line of service is a new line of service in any regard.

    The above method of “transfering liabilty” is a good workaround but risky. Let’s say that you call to do this and they see that you just bought the phone. It’s going to cost you a lot more in the long run. And the workaround would only work for someone who has credit. I have a 10 year old that I wanted to by and HTC Hero for $0.01. He’s not old enough to open his own account then transfer liability.

    Amazon said that this condition is set by Sprint.

    Thanks Sprint!!!!!

  • how does transferring liability cost you more in the long run? The accounts are simply merged and will be all under a family plan, saving you money. I also asked Sprint if it would matter that the account was no more than a month old, and they said that it would be no problem how old the account was.

    Also the new account would have a 30 day guarantee, so if Sprint tried to screw you over, you could cancel it and get all your money back. Once they transfer it over, there is nothing they can do in terms of increasing your monthly for no reason etc.

  • Price is now $179.99 for the Evo & $149.99 for the Epic

  • I was told by Amazon …. “Currently we’re preparing to move Cellphones with Service plans completely over to our primary cellphone store, AmazonWireless.” … “no Sprint phones are officially moved over yet.” … “I would advise continuing to check the website in the coming weeks as we complete the process.”

    You can upgrade phones with other carriers on

  • Avatar of steve gaudreau

    Suddenly I feel jobbed. But I HAD to have the evo the day it came out. But its so worth it.

  • Avatar of Hexydes

    Pulled the trigger on this one. I was really trying to hold off for the next generation of smartphones (dual core Snapdragons, etc) but at looking at the lack of any updates on the tech sites, I’m guessing that we likely won’t see any announcements until CES, and probably no actual releases until Q2/Q3 of 2011 (just like the Droid X/EVO/Epic were released in that same time-frame in 2010. By that point, I’ll already be halfway through my contract anyway.

    I still probably would have waited, but at $99, that was too good of a deal to pass up. Moved my family from AT&T over to Sprint, grabbed two EVOs and a Moment (for someone new to smartphones) and so far, so good! Just hoping my corporate discount kicks in…


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