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Quick look: Carbon fiber vinyl skin for HTC EVO battery door

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G&E reader Hrshycro recently sent over some of his carbon fiber vinyl-skinned battery doors/back doors so I could check them out on my HTC EVO 4G. I always thought they looked great in the photos but when I saw them in person, my knees immediately turned to jelly. Wow! Hrshycro sent me the black and white doors, and after I put the black one on my EVO, I knew that I had just replaced the stock cover for good. Even my husband, who examines accessories with a very critical eye, was impressed.

Hrshycro is using the same OEM battery door that ships with the EVO, so you don't have to worry about the quality or fit. It's perfect. Check out some pics I took of the covers below and if you like what you see, you can buy one from ($25 pre-made, $5 vinyl only for DIY project).

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (11)

Like I said, these are the OEM battery doors.

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (9)

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (2)

The speaker pinholes shown in the earlier photos aren't on the covers I got. Whether or not it was an oversight, I actually like the way it looks without the holes. The sound is softer since the speaker is covered, but it's still loud enough for personal use. I usually plug in my Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10s, anyway, so it's no big deal. It's also easy enough to make the holes myself if I ever want to.

The cutouts on the white cover are a little jagged, as you can see above, but the black one is perfectly smooth.

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (8)

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (6)

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (5)

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (4)

I like that Hrshycro offers the covers in black and white (you can't argue with choice!), but the black one looks way better to me.

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (10)

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (3)

Evo-carbonfiber-covers (7)

The vinyl gives the back cover a different feel, of course, but it's smoother and less textured than you might expect. I thought it would have more of a woven basket kind of feel to it for some reason, but it doesn't feel like that at all. I don't know how to describe it other than to say that it's nice and smooth in a textured sort of way (if that makes sense). It isn't soft-smooth like the OEM cover, but it still feels good. Let's just put it this way: it's something that you'll probably end up petting/stroking.

[carbonfiberskins] Thanks, Hrshycro!

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18 thoughts on “Quick look: Carbon fiber vinyl skin for HTC EVO battery door

  • Avatar of Charles S

    Interesting Jenn, I like the look of them. However I think I might miss the (metal?) “HTC” imprint of the OEM case back. I wonder if Hrshycro might be able to custom make one with that part cut out too?

    Or maybe have HTC actually come out with something like this as their own OEM versions? Dare to dream…

  • Avatar of Grimstone

    I have the Phantom Skinz carbon fiber on mine and there is a cutout for the HTC logo. It comes pre cut and is extremely easy to install, easier than putting a screen protector on.

  • I actually did a DIY implementation of this when the Evo first came out (documented in a thread on Android Forums). If you want the holes for the speaker, use a safety pin and just poke through the 3M material. 30 seconds and you’re done.

  • Avatar of Shaun

    This looks real nice. But i am still hooked on the clear one. I like seeing through the battery door cover ;)

  • Thanks for the great write up, Jenn! They’re actually only $25 pre-made. Just re-made the whole site, too. :)

    I also like the black ones much better (look cleaner + 2 tone color); it’s amazing how much harder the white ones are to cut cleanly and get to look as good as possible. I know how Apple feels now with the absent white iPhone 4.

    As Bek says above, you can poke holes if you’d like, but I leave that up to the customer. I like the cleaner look and haven’t found that it has muted or distorted the sound enough to annoy me.

  • The new site looks great!

    I fixed the price in the post. My eyes must’ve been playing tricks on me when I wrote it. :-)

    Thanks again!

  • Avatar of Dan4G

    The stuff looks top notch. How durable is it? Would it need a clear film placed on top to protect it?

  • Avatar of XpAcErX

    I put carbon fiber film on mine as a DIY project awhile ago and I will never go back to stock. I love the way it feels and looks.

    It is very durable nothing has scratched it, it has not peeled off it looks exactly the same as the day I put it on.

  • Just wanted to complement you on the site. One of the best paypal experiences I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to get the black carbon fiber cover. I think it’s going to look sweet.

  • Avatar of mykal

    ordered the white one and will probably go ahead and get the black one, well done.

  • Avatar of MikeG

    Just ordered the black DIY. Anybody know where they are shipped from?

  • Thanks! No, it wasn’t your eyes; the text said $29, but paypal was still at $25. ;)

    Thanks, Erik. I like making stuff simple and clean.

  • Idaho. I should all of the DIYs mailed out on Monday and you should have it by Friday. :)

  • Any idea if the white one gets dirty easy? I have had several ones that I have gotten off ebay and they get dirty real easy and cannot be cleaned.

  • Avatar of Gutierrez

    These are are nicer then the other carbon fiber skins I’ve seen. I don’t like how some have square cut around leds and speaker. I oredered the pre made. I could easily do it myself, but I like to have an extra door.

  • Do you know of any hard cases (preferably carbon) which will work with any of the extended batteries (which ones?). Any chase that any of these will work with a desk charger ?

  • Avatar of Dan4G

    I know this is late but thanks!

  • Avatar of Dan4G

    I know this is late but thanks!


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