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HTC EVO doubling as 4G hotspot during CES 2011

Evo-4g-tether-ces Although CES 2011 doesn't officially begin until Thursday, the first press events actually start today. I've been in Vegas since Sunday and already my HTC EVO has proven to be invaluable to me.

We're staying in downtown Las Vegas and our hotel is one of a dying breed of establishments that doesn't offer in-room WiFi. There's free WiFi in the lobby, sure, but why would I want to get dressed and go down there when I can sit in my room in my pajamas instead?

So I've been using my HTC EVO as a 4G hotspot with one of my absolute favorite root-only apps, Wireless Tether (also known as Android WiFi Tether). I've been using it every night after my baby girl goes to sleep (the only time I can get on the computer both here and back home) and will also use it during the show, particularly when 3G networks are overloaded.

I know that you guys are the last people I need to sing the EVO's praises to, but I had to share my continued happiness with the handset with someone and I think you'd be the ones to appreciate it most.

Even though the EVO is already 6 months old, it's still at the top of the Android game.

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27 thoughts on “HTC EVO doubling as 4G hotspot during CES 2011

  • Great to hear, how the 4g service at your location?

  • Avatar of MsRandall

    I was in Vegas last month…I too enjoy my evo as a hotspot because of the new hotel charges…My hotel wanted to charge me a whooping 15 bucks a day to connect to their wifi…shame on them.

    My older son who was in the room across from mine enjoyed my evo too however he would never give it credit because his iclone wasnt providing a gateway to the infirmation highway….Have fun I will be there next year (CES) for sure…

  • Avatar of Dave from Rockford, IL

    Good hotel? I’m usually at the Westin Casuarina. My daughter is in Las Vegas now at the MGM. She went out for a few days to escape the snow and cold of North Dakota. It seems that that plan didn’t work out so well. Enjoying the snow? You don’t get much of the in Hawaii. Thanks for keping us up-to-date.

  • Hello my is Wesley. I have been following your site since almost the beginning. I love my Evo!! Best phone I have ever had! I have macbook pro and cant seem to find a link to root my evo for mac to tether it? Can you or someone help? I can follow directions but i am not real technical.


  • Avatar of DetroitGyrl

    awesome! When I was in Vegas this past August – my 4G was pretty spotty… it would drop back to 3G all the time. Looks like your 4G is pretty good though.

  • Avatar of Brian W

    Hi Everyone! I’m trying to get my Evo up and running using the Android WiFi Teather. Which version works best? I tried running the version in Android Market and it does not work. Any ideas???

  • Avatar of Felix G

    Thats awesome. Once again, this operating system and phone can prove that it can ensure our work days can be productive!

  • @brian,
    I also had a problem with the version from the appstore. You need to go directly to the site of wifitether and try one of the versions there. Or go to xda.

  • @cannonroofing
    Just use unrevoked to root. It is easy,fast and reliable and it is also a full root. If you want to tether to mac then use easytether or pdanet, neither of those require rooting.

  • Avatar of Lindsey

    I really would like to know where to get this. I tried the same Android App didnt work. Where should I go? I am not the greatest either at technologt but I can folloow instructions. I am paying sprint for the service right now.Thanx

  • @lindsey
    First of all your phone will need to be rooted. If its not, I recommend I have done on 3 different evos all with 100% success. Then you can download the wifi tether app. This link may help:
    They have different versions on this site.

  • Jenn k lee or anyone else that can help, which version of WiFi tether are you using that works with 4g? I have used all beta and stable versions on my EVO and I only get tethered 3g speeds when the EVO is on a 4G connection. Does it have anything to do with me not having usb debugging turned on?

    If anyone else can help with this question I would appreciate it.

  • I’m only getting about 4Mbps down on the phone. I’m getting less than that when tethered but it actually feels fast enough for me, I guess because all I’m really doing is uploading pics and blogging.

  • I’m using RC2 on SteelROM RevI.2 and don’t get consistent 4G speeds when tethered either. Sometimes it’s faster than 3G, sometimes it’s not. It’s fast enough for my needs right now, though, so I’m not constantly doing speed tests.

    USB debugging shouldn’t make any difference. Mine was only on in the screenshot because my EVO was plugged into my computer to charge.

    Are you getting 4G speeds on the phone itself?

  • I have found that 4G only works well if I am within 1 unobstructed mile of the cell site. Otherwise, I actually get better performance using 3G and get a lot more battery life. I have to say that I have not been overwhelmed with Wimax (but I still love my EVO, anyway).

  • we just had 4G rolled out in Denver (my phone surprised me yesterday) and I get a clear signal at work. Using wifi tether I get about twice the speed I get on work wifi, so I’ve been pretty impressed.

  • Yes I am getting 4g speeds on the phone itself but when using WiFi tether 2.0.5 the last stable release which is the version after the rc2 I only get 3g speeds on the tethered device. If anyone has any tips on how to fix this I would appreciate it.

  • I am using the stock Rom though. Does it matter if I am using the stock Rom?

  • Avatar of MildlyDisturbed

    I spend roughly 0 time where I need a wifi hotspot from my phone in normal life. And then Christmas happened and I ended up in a house with DSL that was somehow bound to a 600mhz machine and refused to talk to my wireless router.

    Ran wifi tether, was getting about 300k max in a little mountain town east of Portland, I was pretty happy with it. When SprintLovers got the native USB tether working I was a happy camper.

    For the people who couldnt’t get it working – most wifi tethers are going to require root. If you don’t have root you need to get that first or it’s just not going to work. Next get Wifi Tether for root – if for some reason it does not do everything you want, go to the developer page and download the apk. If you don’t know what an apk is learn that before you get root. I remember a while back it as not working from the market, but they released a new version recently and it seems to work for me.

    SprintLovers Rom 12/31/10
    Netarchy 4.3 HAVS, BFS, Battery, More
    chest thump here

  • Avatar of david1321

    i actually root it my phone just to have the wifi tether i downloaded wireless tether from the app store and i cant seem to get it to work any ideas why?

    and is there a way to upgrade to the latest htc software update my HTC EVO rejected the update from sprint took it back to the store after i did a factory reset but some how they detected my phone was hack and told me thats the reason the phone rejected the software update and they couldnt help me.

    one of the employees told me to visit and check out the software update there i downloaded the program from the site now i dont know how to transfer it to my phone any ideas? pleeeeassseee heeellp me (it was way easier with the IPHONE)

  • First, you shouldn’t root your phone if you don’t know what your doing before or at least read how to get back to normal and then complain that its easier on the iPhone.

    And second, goto or if you want to learn how to unroot

  • I need to tether without rooting to my Archos Androisd tablet is that possible? I was told with pdanet you can’t do Android to Android. What about with easytether?

  • Avatar of markbo2000

    Hey Jen, I was at CES, loved every minute of it this year. Lots of good devices and tech there this year. Tablets were also there in great variety!!

  • Hello,

    I’ve been using the Hotspot feature (non-rooted) and am noticing the transmission distance isn’t very good. I was in a conference room and people sitting right beside me could get a signal, but individuals at the opposite side of the room couldn’t get anything sign of even my SSID (say 13 to 15 feet).

    The other question I can’t find from the documentation (nor has Sprint Advanced Technical Support) is the protocols the wireless client can use (e.g. 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 2.4 Ghz, 3.6 Ghz, and 5 Ghz) with the Hotspot (HTC EVO 4G).


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