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What’s on your HTC EVO 2 wishlist?

Mwc_logo_11 Mobile World Congress is going on right now and while it's unlikely that we'll see or hear of a proper successor to the HTC EVO 4G at the show (considering last month's release of the EVO Shift), it's still a good time to talk about what we'll refer to as the EVO 2 until there's a better name for it. The internet will be flooded with new Android phone and tablet sneak peeks, announcements, photos, videos, and hands-on impressions from MWC this week, so we may as well go ahead and discuss our ideal EVO 2 so we're not left out of all the excitement.

The previously announced HTC Inspire 4G and HTC ThunderBolt look like EVO clones from AT&T and Verizon, respectively, so although I really like the EVO's design, I'm hoping that the EVO 2 will have a notably different one. I'm not sure how drastically different a touchscreen slab could look without adding a second screen, trackball/touchpad, game controls, or keyboard, though, so maybe we're looking at a subtle refresh. In terms of specs, I'd say we need something as good as or better than the Motorola Atrix 4G. Anything less than a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and Android 2.3 (or higher, depending on release date) would be very disappointing. A higher resolution for the screen, more megapixels and a better lens for the camera, and longer battery life should of course be included too.

These upgrades are clearly more evolutionary than revolutionary and will probably be pretty common in most of the flagship phones we see this year, so I'm going to look at them as minimum specs. What do you think? What will an HTC EVO 2 need to have for you to give up your current EVO?

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