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What’s on your HTC EVO 2 wishlist?

Mwc_logo_11 Mobile World Congress is going on right now and while it's unlikely that we'll see or hear of a proper successor to the HTC EVO 4G at the show (considering last month's release of the EVO Shift), it's still a good time to talk about what we'll refer to as the EVO 2 until there's a better name for it. The internet will be flooded with new Android phone and tablet sneak peeks, announcements, photos, videos, and hands-on impressions from MWC this week, so we may as well go ahead and discuss our ideal EVO 2 so we're not left out of all the excitement.

The previously announced HTC Inspire 4G and HTC ThunderBolt look like EVO clones from AT&T and Verizon, respectively, so although I really like the EVO's design, I'm hoping that the EVO 2 will have a notably different one. I'm not sure how drastically different a touchscreen slab could look without adding a second screen, trackball/touchpad, game controls, or keyboard, though, so maybe we're looking at a subtle refresh. In terms of specs, I'd say we need something as good as or better than the Motorola Atrix 4G. Anything less than a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and Android 2.3 (or higher, depending on release date) would be very disappointing. A higher resolution for the screen, more megapixels and a better lens for the camera, and longer battery life should of course be included too.

These upgrades are clearly more evolutionary than revolutionary and will probably be pretty common in most of the flagship phones we see this year, so I'm going to look at them as minimum specs. What do you think? What will an HTC EVO 2 need to have for you to give up your current EVO?

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60 thoughts on “What’s on your HTC EVO 2 wishlist?

  • Avatar of Terrell Washington

    grants me 3 wishes

  • I think you’ve pretty much nailed it. Dual-core CPU (maybe Tegra?), more RAM, more internal storage, higher-res (but same or similar size) screen, better camera (especially low-light), and the latest OS (2.3-2.4? 3.0?). I’d settle for similar battery life to the current Evo if they can squeeze all that into the package.

    But most importantly, it has to be just as dev friendly as the current Evo. In addition to being a great device out of the box, the tremendous dev support for custom ROMs, kernels, themes, etc make the Evo really shine. Especially compared to similar devices that have been locked down (motorola…).

  • Avatar of Jorge M

    Well the first thing I would like is a grid array camera to cut down the thickness of the phone

    Next I would go with a higher resolution display like Hitachi 4.5″ 1280×720 screen that was just developed

    Oh and Make it all in a unibody aluminum housing.. Make it happen HTC

    PS oh and that three wish idea needs to be incorporated some how as well.

  • “and longer battery life should of course be included too”

    Dude.. Longer Battery Life should be the #1 thing that any company should be working on.

  • What kind of timeline would we be looking at for a evo 2?

  • I agree with many of the above comments, especially regarding the improved camera performance; better screen resolution and a dual-core processor. Of course, it also has to be really dev-friendly. I’d also like to see a more rugged (metal) body and better battery management. Of course, it has to have a freakin’ KICKSTAND. I wish it also would come with improved 4G and teach Sprint how to run a phone company…but I digress…

  • Avatar of Stiggy

    I want the hardware specs of course, but maybe bigger internal memory, or a sd card that I can access easier. I would also like to see a glass touch screen. My iPod makes my phone look cheap just because it doesn’t have a glass touch screen. Also, a high res screen would be nice, 3d cameras blah blah blah, how about ditching the stupid kickstand and getting rid of the plastic body. Ex: something with a lowercase ‘i’ at the beginning of it. I always thought the perfect phone would be made with apple hardware, android software, designed by hp(aka palm). That way the phone would look great and run awesome, which is all that matters.

  • Avatar of MsRandall

    Upgrade the screen
    Upgrade the processor
    Upgrade the internal memory
    Body Wise upgrade the materials that make this phone scream I am the evo 2 baby…

    Cant wait…just got my account tenture fixed so I can continue to enjoy my yearly upgrades.

  • Avatar of Kenneth Gates

    A SD Card under the battery and one on the side would be awesome with 8G built in that would 72G of space………Its not that impossible to think of. Come on HTC.

  • Avatar of Coiledwire

    Biggest thing to make me upgrade from the current evo is a better camera. I would like to have a compelling reason to finally ditch all of my point-n-shoot cameras. Camera arrays, back illuminated, larger sensor, or anything else other than the same smallish sensor with even more Megapixels packed on it.

    And to go along with the 4.5 hitachi screen (wish) and all of the standard upgrades (CPU/GPU/memory), is a *very* high capacity battery. HTC isn’t into battery R&D, so the best chance of getting better battery life is to have them fit a ~2500mAh battery into a sleek form-factor. By doing this alone, they will make the new EVO standout from all of the rest of the new 4G dual-core phones. “Whaaat?!? 24hours of moderate to heavy usage between charges without playing the save-the-battery game? SOLD!!”

  • Avatar of Coiledwire

    You must not have an EVO, since your phone doesn’t have a glass screen (EVO has a glass screen).

  • Better screen resolution, better camera lense and software and a dedicated hardware two-stage camera button. Maybe make it a little thinner and use stronger materials.

  • Avatar of T Man

    I’d like to see several things, many of them absolutely necessary to call it a new phone in this hyper competitive landscape.
    – Dual core and high end GPU
    – Thinner with better materials
    – A higher res screen, or one with Super AMOLED, or both
    – More RAM
    – Better battery life, possibly squeezing some more mAh in there with some battery optimizations done in software
    – Android 2.3/2.4 with the new HTC Sense
    – 1080p recording and output with DLNA

  • In addition to a lot of what already was mentioned:

    I think it would be really neat, and useful to give us a true hot-swap battery. One where I don’t need to plug it in even to hold power while I switch in a new battery. An integrated microcell that can keep it going for 30 seconds to a minute so I can swap them around while I’m out moving.
    Maybe even make the battery more easily accessible and spring loaded. No fiddling with backs.
    Then you don’t have to be so concerned about improved battery tech, just give us a bundle with an extra battery.

  • Avatar of Pakman

    Duel prossessor, more ram, 1080p, full hdmi out, 5 inch screen, hd graphics card, oh and id like it to be able to beem me anywhere I want to go!

  • Duel prossessor, mucho mucho more ram, 1080p, full hdmi out, better cameras, much better battery, Android 2.3(4) and 3.0, docking port to slide the phone into a dumb tablet where 3.0 kicks in. The EVO basically uses the screen of the tablet only. The tablet uses the EVO CPU, RAM, cameras, apps, etc. Since the tablet is basically just a big screen, it is inexpensive as all get out. Something like this is going to happen and it might as well happen with the best Android phone on the market.

  • Avatar of Steven Armstrong

    I would appreciate a better camera. I did not care about an in-phone camera until I began using my EVO and now I find it indispensable.

    Oh yeah … how about a fix that prevents blown speakers. ;-(

  • Avatar of DrizzyGadget

    Gotta make the Evo 2 blow your socks and then some.

    -Dual core Nvidia 1Ghz top class GPU

    -Lighter weight, but still durable, aluminum components

    -Way better battery life optimization, and 3500mAh battery with size of a 1500mAh

    -More colors (Ferrari red, black, white)

    -More RAM

    -Upgraded HD Screen with Gorilla Glass

    -8mp HD Camera

    -Same 4.3″ screen

    -32GB of internal memory + SD storage for 64GB

    -Android 2.3+

    -True HDMI port to play Sprint TV and everything else

    -$199.99-$249.99 (I really dont care)

    And then after all that, make it the sexiest bitch in the room!

  • Avatar of DrizzyGadget

    And the kickstand of course.

  • Avatar of Corey

    I 100% agree. I would love to see the higher-res (amoled screen perhaps?) and a better camera!!!

  • Avatar of Patrick

    Wow. I think all those upgrades would require it to be a tablet. I’m not sure they could fit everything in AND increase battery life and keep it a cell phone.

    Anyways, here it goes-

    Thought interface for direct manipulation, no more touching or typing.
    Holographic 3D projection display.
    Charge the phone just by touching it, using energy from your body.
    Does chores, takes dog for walk, wipes butt for me.

  • Single-user WiFi tether

  • all the above and biometrics! With ebay and amazon apps that can order stuff, I would like it to unlock on my fingerprint.

  • Avatar of Mobilewarrior

    I never knew how important internal memory was until I got the Evo 4G. This phone has all these great specs but is borderline useless once you add a few too many apps in. The best analogy is that they built a 800 hp car that can go 0 – 60 in 2 seconds, but it gets 4 miles to the gallon and only has a 1 gallon tank. Phone is borderline useless right now until I delete a bunch of apps or root my phone (and I just don’t have the time right now).

    HTC, put a battery that can go for a full day of usage and don’t be cheap with onboard memory.

  • I only need two things:

    An VZW LTE700 RF deck, and a PTT button, located in the proper place.

    You give me LTE700, and I don’t even need a cellular deck; I’ll be more than happy to run VoIP native as my sole voice connection.

  • Avatar of Stiggy

    Erm does it? Crappy glass then doesnt feel nearly as good as on my ipod. But hey I look stupid, at least I can admit it.

  • Avatar of Doug Fiedor

    After reading all the blogs from the show today, it’s rather easy to think of a few things to put on my wish list:

    The fast quad-core processor
    2 gig + of RAM
    16 or 32 gig of memory storage, along with the card slot
    An amoled screen, or better (bumping it up to 5″ would be nice!)
    Android 3.X — or 2.4 or above

    I don’t want much, huh? lol

    But, the funny thing is that all this will probably be available in a phone next year. For sure it will in a tablet or two. . . .

  • Avatar of Coiledwire

    No worries, we all like the evo enough to frequent this website. I can agree though, the feel between the ipod and evo aren’t exactly the same. Just remembering the old HTC touch and Samsung Moment is enough to remind me of how crappy plastic screen feels.

  • I’d love to see the same size (or maybe a little larger!) screen, but with a physical keyboard, and a better visibility in sunlight. Some extra programmable hardware buttons like palm used to do. In the dreaming department, how about some kind of capacitive battery technology that will charge in under 90 seconds. (and as long as I’m fantasizing, how about 4 fricking G in my city sometime this decade)

  • I am a proud current owner of the htc evo 4g since June 4th 2010..I expect the htc evo2 4g and that will be the name for the NEXTdevice since sprint has established the HTC EVO LINE OF DEVICES…Our next device must have 1. duelcore processor..2. 2.3 GINGERBREAD..3.1gb of RAM..4. 4.5 OR 4.8 INCH SCREEN..5. 2.0 FRONT FACING CAMERA..6. RESOLUTION 960BY540/580..7.INTERNAL MEMORY 16GIGS WITH EXPANSION ON SD CARD OF 32GIGS..8. SAME BUTTONS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE DEVICE..9..SOME KIND OF DOCKING SOLUTION WOULD BE GREAT IF POSSIBLE..10. BATTERY 1800 TO 1950 MIL AMP…ANYTHING LIKE THIS WOULD MAKE IT THE BEST DEVICE ON THE MARKET IN 2011….JUST LIKE IT WAS IN 2010

  • The motorola Atrix as of today 2/14/2011 has SET THE BAR…THAT IS WHERE OUR EVO MUST GO IN THAT DIRECTION…With the htc pyramid, the droid x2, the htc incredible 2, coming out in March/April I expect the htc evo 2 4g to land in June 2011 and be announced at CTIA IN MARCH 2011…Would be nice to start to hear the rumors flood in as soon as mobile world congress is over that would be nice….HTC IS UP TUESDAY AT MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS…We will here about the htc pyramid for tmobile and various other htc device….I applaud HTC/QUALCOMM/SPRINT they have brought us the BEST DEVICE on the market in the current EVO 4G so i know the Evo2 will be grand..

  • Avatar of Steve

    Okay..I’m gonna let you finish..

    Haha..that said. Look. The EVO 4G is STILL the best Android phone out there..even after nearly a year. That alone is impressive. Yes, we are all aware that technology advances incrementally, and an EVO2 would have to really lay down some serious specs. That said, I’ve seen no other device (spare the new HTC Sense love) that I would want to buy. That my friends is HTC for you. WAY ahead of the curve..and can satiate the appetite of the hard core Android fanboys/girls. Yes, we all want 2.3 and or Honeycomb..but isn’t that why we root?

    I love my EVO and the fact that Sprint offers me a new device EVERY YEAR at a subsidized price??! Come’s killing the Iphone in every way.

    P.S. I’m rooted..running a stock rom, and I dig Sense. Can someone recommend a 2.3 rom WITH Sense? Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar of DARTH OBAMA

    keep the stock rom and just run launcher pro…all the gods stuff without any bugs

  • Avatar of chris

    I think they should stick to a 1yr lifecycle on the Evo. If that is the case, I don’t think its unreasonable to expect the next Evo to be the first phone with a quad core processor.

  • Avatar of Raechel

    Now that Sprint changed its program for getting a new phone every year. I no longer qualify since I do not spend enough on my family plan with my company discount. I have sour grapes. So I hate to admit I do not care. The other qualifier is that you can get it if you have been with Sprint 10 yrs. I am only going to be on yr 6 this year. Gee thanks Sprint.

  • Avatar of joepennant

    I dont think I’ll be replacing the Evo for another year or so.

    Until then, Id like:

    – GSM/CDMA chipset (so I can use it when travelling).
    – Extra SIM slot for the above.
    – Higher capacity battery
    – Better multimedia support

    And as a photographer, the ability to use my phone as backup storage for pictures. Of course – more RAM, more efficient 3G/4G/LTE radios. higher performance GPU, dual core CPU yadda yadda

    And it HAS to have the kickstand. Who knew it helps with cooling, nominal radio range improvement in addition to propping it up.

    In all seriousness, I will likely get a second Android phone with all that for use overseas and stick with the Evo. Im far from unhappy with it, except for the battery life under serious use.

  • Avatar of EvoUser21


  • It has to best the coming up Samsung Infuse 4G, which has a 1.2GHz processor, 4.5 inch Super AMOLED screen, 1080p HD recording, and DLNA output and it’s thinner.

    EVO 2 must do better than the above, as well as, at least 16GB built in memory + card slot. 1GB+ RAM, better resolution screen, and higher capacity battery.

    I love my EVO, but I want to be infatuated with EVO 2!

  • Avatar of Andrew

    Don’t beat me up, but I’d really like a small, simple switch to turn off sound / vibrate on.
    Just like the iPhones have had for years.

  • Avatar of atlanta

    Listen up stop acting like girls , EVO is an hand held pc, let’s make it simple but yet supper efficient, dual cpu, a larger ram,rom, dual 3g, 4g wimax, and 4g Lte, and a OS up grade 1080p hdv ,and ok now let’s face the truth here the HTC evo is already a beast can we stand up and give it a hand clap already…..

  • Avatar of Nycinter

    Love my evo ,evo 2 same size ,better processor so we can get netfix,dont really care about camera its fine right now.i have a question sprint is finally turning around,big part of it its phones like the evo that last year was one of the best,but since they havent gotten anything close to the evo ,all these new phones that are coming out none of them sprint ,they got that kyocera one thats a joke,i dont get it what are they waiting for.hesse hit the nail on the head man ,before all the hard work in the past year goes to waste.

  • Avatar of atlanta

    I’ve been with Sprint 11 yrs when they 1sr when big moble in 2000 they where number 1 carrier, and had all the cell phone companies wanting to drop their phones at Sprint, when sprint bought out Nextel, that when cell phone makers started to leave sprint , its just until recently that cell phone makers have wanted to to obigate sales thro them , with other carriers like Verizon, and ATT, that have a larger control over cell tower owner ship or lease , to supply customers with optimized coverage, and better customer service , if sprint didn’t get an HTC EVO product they where as good as out of bussines now with the accusations of clear they are at least trying to get back in the game , but with out an LTE PRODUCT, They still might be putting them selfs on the chopping blocks, people want dependable 21 st century fast tenology in their hands , not something you read about and make a wish at , these hand held pc / phones are here today and we want the best…now stop messing around and crank out the specks bc we are WATCHING…

  • not-a-beating but Palm Treos had that switch long before iclones did; Treos had the touchscreen as well

  • Better battery life of course, move the SD slot so we don’t have to pull battery. Make the case/housing out of same material that a ballistic case is made of so we don’t have to buy a case to protect our phones, and protect the camera lens. Maybe even a button for camera. Other than those I think EVO is great as is. But since we are wishing more memory on board for apps and Tegra dual core w/gig Ram

  • Avatar of Felix

    Here are the specs i expect to be upgraded:

    Dual Core processor
    1Gb Ram
    >= 2Gb Internal ROM
    1800 mah battery
    >= 854×480 screen
    Better camera sensor even at same MP level
    Gorilla glass screen

    Every other feature the EVO has i would keep

  • And since I can’t have that, I’ll probably be buying a VZW Thunderbolt, instead.

    I doubt that phone will have a blog as cool as this one, though. :-)

    And it *still* doesn’t have a PTT button, damnit.

  • Well, since the ITU (the international body charged with *defining* the generations of wireless data) says that nothing anyone is building out right now *is* 4G, you’re going to have to wait a bit, Mike. :-)

  • Avatar of DantheEvoMan

    Does anybody know the amount of subscribers that can connect to a LTE tower owned by verizon? Compare it to a Wimax tower of Sprint’s… The truth is that Wimax is a much more reliable technology for the distant future. But with the rest of the world running gsm technologies I can only assume that lte will be the technology of choice globally. But we all know what happens when you cram users onto gsm towers. Wimax currently supports fixed recievers with data transfer rates of over 100mbs while lte has troubles transferring data at quicker rates to stationary antennas. And the next wimax update will more than double its current speed and who knows how long it will be before lte gets that fast. Damn u gsm, ur holding us back!

  • Avatar of DantheEvoMan

    4.5in super LCD that fits nearly entire front of phone with a bit higher resolution. Gorilla glass a must
    Dual Core processor rated at least 1.5ghz
    1gb rom
    10mp camera
    Noise cancelling dual microphones
    Dual speakers or HTC surround
    Dlna support
    Wider kickstand
    2000mah battery

    I really like the idea of a second easy to access sd card slot with a cover that when removed prompts the phone to unmount the card.

  • Avatar of pigeon146

    Ok the evo is still the best phone on the market and if u want a better cpu start askin qualcomm for the apq 8060, its a quad-core cpu in the snapdragon family, which means it fits in the evo, 1.5ghz makes my evo a mini pc. Remove the 1080p screen out of any device that has a good one that fits the evo, im still looking. And if you are listening to music with the phones speaker your dumb, the thing has a 3.5mm jack on it 20 bucks on some battery powered computer speakers and problem solved, shit just despite the iphone go get the portable speakers and make those things sound like they are supposed to. Upgrading your own evo “after rooted of course,” is the best idea. Still working on way to install internal memory w/out swapping the full board, and thats not possible if you still want to use it as a cell phone.

  • Avatar of James Miller

    I would like it to play whole movies or come with a sprint app for downloading movies. Also faster internet speeds. It would also be awesome if u could create a devise or card that comes with the ego 2 that allows users to connect to a printer… not WiFi. And know what would blow the phone world, if to log into the evo 2 if users would have to use fingerprint scans to open the phone with the options to scan up to 3 fingerprints. Also faster YouTube downloads. And what would really blow the socks off users is if users were completely in a dark place the evo 2 has night vision allowing the user to see his or her way out a dark place. In this case Sprint can call this phone “Super Ego 2″/ 4g. I plan on starting my own company and have some major players behind me. Hope these ideas help.

  • Avatar of James Miller


  • Avatar of MildlyDisturbed

    The EVO 1 can play whole movies out the HDMI port now (root it, mirror the video – or use Vuze to download and convert to evo format and you can play them via gallery). Internet speeds are limited by towers and the backbone so as they roll out more 4g your current Evo will get faster. Already is a way to connect to printers both via Wifi, Bluetooth and a MicroUSB to USB-A connector. Youtube downloads are blazing fast if you turn off the sprint proxy (in ##data#).

    Agree on the night vision – so far the only thing I’ve seen on this involves using multiple IR lights and you can see where they hit but not well.

    I’ll mention though fingerprint scanning on a device that probably has your fingerprints all over it probably not a security addition


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