Splashtop comes pre-installed on the EEE Pad Transformer

Remember my long speech about how tablets with laptop like accessories and remote desktop software would eventually take over for laptops? Turns out that Asus got the same idea and decided to put Splashtop on the Asus EEE Pad Transformer. The app is part of a stock software suite called MyCloud where Splashtop is built right into the tablet alongside DLNA video and audio streaming (open source Air Play, basically). The above video from NetbookReviews shows the Splashtop app at work, working perfectly with the docked Transformer’s 1280×800 screen, keyboard and trackpad mouse. An easier way to connect via the Internet is “coming soon” to Splashtop which means that what I talked about in the future predictions post might not be so far off. Splashtop is also available for other Honeycomb tablets that don’t have it preinstalled as well as the iPad, though neither of those have the Transformer’s laptop dock.

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