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How to change the boot animation on your rooted HTC EVO 4G


Unless you reboot your HTC EVO 4G on a regular basis, its boot animation isn't something you see very often. If you don't remember what it looks like or aren't sure what "boot animation" even means, it's that white, yellow, and gray Sprint/4G/Now Network video that plays on your EVO right before you see your lock screen. Don't spend time trying to picture it now because I'm about to show you how to replace it with something else.

There are countless boot animations that can be found all over the internet (here's a collection of EVO-ready ones if you're not in the mood to use Google) and nearly as many methods to get them on your EVO. Pushboot 3.0 and Boot Replacer will get the job done when you're hooked up to a computer, apps like Boot Animation Changer and Bootanimation Utility will take care of everything directly on the EVO, and the Android SDK and some basic ADB commands will do it without even requiring root access.

And while these are all fine ways to change the boot animation on your EVO 4G, what you'll find below is an alternative method using Root Explorer ($4), one of G&E's must-have root apps.

Again, there are other ways to do this; there are also other root file managers out there. Root Explorer is simply my personal choice and what I use to change boot animations.

IMPORTANT: As always, if you don't know what you're doing, please don't do it. Or go ahead and do it, but don't hold me or anyone in the comments responsible for whatever happens to your phone.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

1. Download the boot animation you want to use and rename it Move to your SD card (anywhere is fine as long as you can find it later).

2. Rename the stock boot animation. You can also delete or move it somewhere else, but I think it's easier to just leave it where it is and rename it in case you ever want/need it again.

  • Open Root Explorer.
  • Tap system > customize > resource.
  • Tap the Mount R/W button at the top.
  • Long press on the existing that will be listed there.
  • Tap Rename and rename it whatever you want. I named mine

3. Now tap the EVO's back button to get back to the main directory and tap sdcard to find the new you downloaded earlier. As shown in the screenshot below, mine is in the download folder on my SD card; yours will be wherever you put it in step 1.

Evo-boot-animation-change (2) Evo-boot-animation-change (3)

Evo-boot-animation-change (4) Evo-boot-animation-change (1)

4. Long press, tap Move, then tap the EVO's back button to return to the main directory and press system > customize > resource. Press the Paste button at the bottom.

5. Reboot your EVO and enjoy your new boot animation.

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17 thoughts on “How to change the boot animation on your rooted HTC EVO 4G

  • On my rooted EVO, the original bootanimation is named spc_bootanimation.

  • i rooted my evo with warm 2.2 and i don’t have a boot animation, or a system/customize/resource or data/local or ne kind of stock boot animation so how do i make it so that i can put one on the phone.

  • Can this be done with astro?

  • No, Astro is not a root file manager. You need deeper access to the system.

  • FYI… Super Manager in the Android Market has access to the Root and is free.

  • It also helps if you go into Settings and change the background from the default “Smoke” wallpaper. Beautiful interface by the way. I might use this instead of Astrology from here on out.

  • Im using cm7 and my file was not in system>customize>resource… i didnt even have that directory. my was in system>media dont know if i am special but i was able to change it using the same method using root explorer.

  • Couple of things – most ROMs for one reason or another store everything in a different directory. You’ll need to find out the directory that yours stores in. I’ve even run a sense-based rom that had it in a different directory for reasons I have no idea why.

    You can also, upon finding the boot animation, usually push it without needing root using ADB PUSB

  • Hi, just wondering will I need to be rooted in order to change my boot animation on my EVO 4GG? Thanks

  • nope, but if you’re not rooted you need to install the Android Development Platform on your computer, which will require you to download the Java development platform. Basically you can push wallpaper from your computer to your phone by typing ADB PUSH /system/customize/resource/ without root (I believe)

  • Hey mildly, thanks for the tip I really appreciate it a lot….

  • so, i am having trouble. i followed the instructions exactly but can’t seem to get it to work. it always boots up with (what seems to be) a stock htc boot screen. white background with “htc” in green and “quietly brilliant” in black. after rooting a couple weeks ago i started out using the sprint lovers rom and was still using it when i first tried this tutorial to change my bootanimation. it got rid of the stock sprint bootanimation and switched to the htc one. i then changed to the stock kernel and same thing. i just installed cm7 and i still can’t get it to work. :/ at first xda wouldn’t let me download (had yet to register) so i tried change the .gif into .png files. i loaded it into my resource zipped and unzipped, compressed and uncompressed. i was finally able to download the file directly, from xda, and tried installing it as is, still nothing. what am i doing wrong?

  • Thank you for this great info!! Could you please do a tutorial on how change the sound/music in the boot animation? Also, I have been searching and searching for some who will with a fee , make a custom boot animation. Is there anyone out there that can do this?

  • Can you PLEASE show us how to change Splash screen? I downloaded a cool one in a zip file and I flashed it with Rom Manager app and nothing happened. I did some more research and someone posted on XDA saying you had to flash via fastboot. I have a Mac and don’t understand all those prompts and stuff. Is there an app that can do it?

  • The only way I was able to get this method to work was replacing the above mentioned “” file with my boot animation of choice and renaming as such. I also removed the “spc_wallpaper.jpg” and “spc_animation_final.mp2” files.

  • Avatar of Marshall

    That was my case as well. I also downloaded sounds from Zedge like transformers sounds and renamed it SPC_animation_final.mp3 and moved to the same file location. Of coarse I moved that one first to a file on my SD card. Works great!


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