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Dan Hesse lets HTC EVO users know to expect big things regarding 4G this fall

DanHesse While there has been chatter from HTC EVO users about the current stand-still status on WiMax roll-outs, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has hinted that we could expect to hear some very big news about 4G service this fall.

While taking questions at Sprint's Overland Park headquarters in Kansas, Heese said he understands customer concerns regarding the recent lack of 4G deployments in recent months. While nothing is official, he stated that there will be a big announcement despite the slowdown in the face of Verizon's aggressive LTE roll-out and T-Mobile pushing their HSPA+ 42 upgrades.

Rumors include the possibility of LTE speeds on the Sprint network due to a speculated deal with LightSquared. Now this could be the big news, but considering that the base of Sprint's high speed phones are WiMax, it could leave a lot of users out in the rain.

As usual we will have to just wait and see. Hesse has maintained a good track record of trying to ensure competition and innovation are maintained in the US cellular market, so that gets me excited about what might be in the future.

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Bruce Eaton is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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24 thoughts on “Dan Hesse lets HTC EVO users know to expect big things regarding 4G this fall

  • I was actually just about to write Sprint about this today, though I’m sure it would have been pointless. It’s been a year since I bought my EVO and I still have not ONCE connected it to 4G. I live in the Detroit metro area, which I would have thought would get the 4G treatment, but instead, they covered Grand Rapids.

    Anyway, I hope this is good news, and they can make it work with the EVO 4G.

  • This is encouraging. It’s been said before that Sprint will keep Wi-Max and the recent deal w/Light Squared could mean that a LTE/wi-max device my be in the future. The fact that Sprint has unlimited data (for now) and it SEEMS as if that is the marketing road they are taking; to be the only US carrier to offer unlimited uncapped data usage.

    Let’s hope.

  • Trust me…..the 4G in Grand Rapids isn’t anything to write to Detroit about.

  • Maybe they’ll charge us more for it.

  • I actually already wrote them about 4g not expanding and taking a long time. They said that they hadn’t stopped but were working under the radar some things and they gave me a $100 credit for the inconvenience and for some bad 3g service that hit my area. So far sprint has been making some great changes and has compensated me very well when I have had problems. I can’t wait for this announcement.

  • Wow i need to do the same. How many lines do u have?

  • I know I had my EVO for a whole year and now have the 3D and I have no idea when 4G is coming to Kentucky where I live. I did get to use it some on a trip to Vegas but it was spotty and didn’t work everywhere I was. Going to NY in November maybe it will be better there.

  • was in NY about a month ago and got to enjoy 4G finally, was in the same boat in San Diego. The battery life sucked but the speed difference was amazing specially since it was my first encounter with wimax, hope all goes well on your visit

  • Mr. Hesse has done some beautiful things for sprint and we as EVO 4G and EVO 3D users should be TOTALLY PROUD which I am. I was an EVO 4G OWNER from June 4th 2010 to June 24th 2011 and the GRANDDADDY OF ALL 4G DEVICES DID ME VERY WELL. The torch was past to the EVO 3D on June 24th and I must give HTC/SPRINT nothing but the BIGGEST PROPS the evo 3d is THE BEST ANDRIOID DEVICE ON THE MARKET TODAY. I live in New York City and have enjoyed 4g speeds on my evo 4g from day one always getting 5 to 7 down and 1.5 to 2 up NOW with the EVO 3D I get 9 to 11 down and 2 to 3 up the overall speed are amazing in my book. We as EVO OWNERS should realize that the EVO BRAND MEANS EVERYTHING TO SPRINT and we always get the best. I will let everyone know now that not only will better days be ahead for the sprint network BUT look out for our EVO BRAND cause better days are ahead with that too. The 2012 EVO will have a 4.7 inch plus screen with 1gb of ram and an 1.5 or 2.0 dualcore/quadcore processor YES I always look ahead at technology and plan to be purchasing that evo as well. Meanwhile I am enjoying my EVO 3D and the 16 to 23 hrs of battery life I recieve daily. That’s definately NO EVO 4G that’s for sure…..MEANWHILE READ THIS….Just as I have been saying all over the blog world HTC has nothing to worry about that manufacturer is here to stay. People spend to much time HATING I guess they should HTC has bolstered windows mobile and has further planted android on the map forever. Google/HTC/Sprint will always be the way to go in my world. Apple WILL NEVER COMPETE WITH EITHER they spend to much time trying to bring other manufacturers down when they are only trying to innovate which at the end of the day helps us the consumer. If your walking around with any apple products you seriously need to look at your self and ask why…

  • Avatar of CCallahan

    I agree….the EVO line has taken Sprint to a new level. Supersonic is the best phone I have ever had hands down. Only thing still missing is lack of proper high speed networks to support our bandwidth usage.

    As for the EVO 2012???….who knows. HTC could be closed down or bought out by then the way things go anymore. The phones in a few years will for sure be at least quad core with tons of on-board storage.

    Of course, all this still depends on Google’s success with future Android OS releases. Still not as stable and bug free as we all would like. The tablet versions have a long way to go. Luckily the development community for Android is so great.

  • I feel your pain! Detroit seems to be lower than last on their list.

  • HA! I did get to try it in vegas last year.. but it kept kicking me back to 3G. Not impressed.

  • I am worried about the last paragraph explaining leaving users out in the rain, does that mean the new phones with 4g or better yet 3g will have obsolete coverage because of this – or better yet even slower speeds,

    And i got news for everyone, 4G sucks, the speed isnt anything great the handful of times i used it, it loads and loads and than the entire page comes up, its not like blam there it is – and yet we all pay $10 more for once in a blue moon coverage –

    Also i love how Verizon these days can grab a signal 6ft under but god forbid someone with Sprint goes into an elevator or 45 mins north of there current location it all goes downhill quickly as does the battery for searching for service! Great job!

  • Wow this is exactly what I was going to do too. I also live in Metro Detroit and just like you, have never used 4g on my evo. I really am getting upset that this stupid 4g radio is just that, a stupid radio I have never used on my phone.

  • 4G sucks? You must be talking about something other than speed. 4G hands down is incredible!! Keeping the 4G on all day for regular use is not what its meant for. Downloading ROMS and music makes it exactly like BLAM (as you stated). It was on the OG EVO and its even more beastier on the 3D. I see you threw that plug in there for Verizon. That’s cute…… why not go troll some where else?

  • Yes, I would have to agree from my experience with 4G here in Las Vegas over the last year, Wimax 4G service is pretty much worthless… Sure, if I am outside, in one of the locations that is actually covered, speeds are impressive. But, should I go indoors, or dare move a foot in any direction, chances are it will either drop the connection, or be even slower than the currently dismal 3G service these days. I have been with Sprint for 12 years now, and honestly, their data service in the past 6 months or so has completely gone down the toilet. 3G at dial up speeds and 4G service that is hit or miss at best. They need to sort out this Wimax fiasco in a hurry…

  • While I don’t have 4g/Wimax in Atlantic City I am in Philly at least 4 times a month. First I can say that the speeds are fast as hell and they do work indoors contrary to other reviews that state differently. If they switch to LTE they better offer early upgrades or some kind of compensation for screwing the current wi-max users.

  • Usually I have most of the bars but the data itself is horrible. My 3g speeds used to be awesome back when I had my tp2. Then my evo4g was also fast until couple months back. But I’m hoping the reason for the slow down is that the towers are getting updated to 4g and therefore are having some issues till they get them up and running. I guess time will tell.

  • I certainly won’t be buying the EVO 3D or another 4G phone from Sprint until these announcements are made. I already got tricked with the whole Wimax thing. I’m not going to buy another phone with a radio in it that I will almost never get to use.

    I’m just waiting for them to make the announcement so that we can all go out and buy new phones that will run on a totally different 4G setup.

  • It really depends where you live. 4G does actually suck in some areas. Check around the net and you’ll see some people getting 4G speeds that are slower than their 3G. Just because it’s ‘incredible’ in your area, you should not assuming it’s that way everywhere else.

    And just because someone references Verizon, does not mean they are a ‘troll’. I agree with their statement. I work on the 4th floor of a building, where I can see about half a dozen cell towers outside my window. At the window, I get 1 bar. If I go 6ft away from the window, I lose all signal. My coworkers with Verizon, can receive full signal strength through the whole building. To be fair, AT&T is just as bad as Sprint here.

    The point though, is Verizon is doing something right with their signals. Unfortunately, their data rates are outrageous, and my EVO won’t work on their network ;)

  • A couple of things:

    – Paragraph breaks. They’re free. Use them.
    – Whenever someone says something is the “best” at something, it usually isn’t.
    – “to” does not equal “too”. Look ’em up.
    – Good to hear Dan Hesse has kept you informed of the plans for Sprint’s 2012 EVO and a 4.7″ screen. I’m jealous.
    – Quit trolling

  • Michael –

    I really don’t see them suddenly releasing phones capable of hooking up to a Sprint LTE signal. Seriously. People would be screaming in droves and CEO Dan Hesse is smarter than that.

    To be honest, I think they’re just bumping up the speed of their 4G. It’ll be a good year or two MINIMUM before we Sprint users see LTE speeds.

  • I live in NYC, believe me, the speeds are amazing. It’s to the point that I no longer have a home internet connection. The speeds I have on my 4G averages 12mbps – 15mbps.

  • Dan Hesse showed how emphatic someone should be with subscribers who lost their signals in many northwestern US states. He assured that Sprint will continue to bring out cool 3D smart-phones and assured that Sprint will stay competitive withing other regional providers like cricket, metropcs, and virgin mobile. Dan pointed out all excited how you can now remove NASCAR app from your cool 3D phone. There is a photo around the net of that amazing Sprint scientist who was able to produce such amazing engineering discovery after sleepless nights spent in nerve-wracking trials. Hesse as well pointed out how now, on selected places, you will be able to upload files when connected to 4G eventually bit faster. However, in return, Sprint will have to discontinue unlimited data plans soon. He assured that there will be new announcements about new announcements, being announced more often then before. Dan will do that to show competitors how “leading” service provider should behave when all other options are forgone. To commemorate second anniversary of Sprint’s 4G roll-out and counter Verizon latest announcement, Hesse confirmed that except for few selected buildings and one mall in La Jolla, if you drive long enough through San Diego downtown, you will figure that there actually are some corners where you can connect at 4G speeds! Dan is therefore clearly showing that in godforsaken outskirts like San Diego, full 4G coverage will be completed even before fast developing countries like China or India have proper 4G network in place sometime during this decade. Dan as well understand that phone’s 4G chip is draining battery fast, not switching between towers correctly when driving, and that 4G signal switches to 3G when inside of his mention, but he said he will still call it 4th Generation bc it is so trendy.


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