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Turn your HTC EVO into a scientific calculator with ECCalc Pro

ECCalcu Pro Performing complex scientific calculations and making your smartphone smarter is easy with the ECCalc Pro app that turns your HTC EVO into a scientific calculator.

Combining multiple devices into one has always been a boon of smartphones like the HTC EVO. It's already a camera, eReader, telephone, to do list, and so many other things, and now it is a homework tool too. ECCalc Pro allows you to perform those oh so tricky trigonometry and graphing problems that your teacher assigned you with ease.

ECCalc Pro is the brains of what is essentially a two-part app. It allows for calculations involving items such as pi, natural log, and exponential equations, and also has the ability to graph equations. The second part is ECCalc Keyboard, which lets you easily enter all these odd characters with ease. ECCalc Pro is useable without the keyboard component, but the latter certainly makes it more robust and flexible.

Currently both apps are listed as free through AppBrain.


[ECCalc Pro | ECCalc Keyboard]
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15 thoughts on “Turn your HTC EVO into a scientific calculator with ECCalc Pro

  • Google “Andy-83 .apk” and install that, instead. It was yanked from the market because Texas Instruments complained (I believe)… it’s a fully-functioning TI-83 emulator.Google “Andy-83 .apk” and install that, instead. It was yanked from the market because Texas Instruments complained (I believe)… it’s a fully-functioning TI-83 emulator.

  • I like RealCalc for most (non-graphing) calculating (it’s like a basic Casio scientific calculator), and for really heavy duty stuff I bring out Droid48, an HP-48 clone.

  • lol…

    I made this app, no idea there was a slight debate going on haha. Any feedback is most appreciated. I had kinda put the whole project on hold for a little while but if you had any suggestions for improvement i’m glad to hear about them.


  • Or….you could download Andy-83 or any other TI emulator… they can be found on XDA

  • When you make app suggestions it would be really awesome of you to post a link =)

  • I didn’t mean to start any debate, I’m just more familiar with the TI calculator line (and occasionally make use of the built-in probability density functions – I’m a career statistician). Nice work on your app, though… interface looks beautiful.

  • I use the Droid48 app which emulates the old school HP 48. That was the only calculator any self respecting engineering student used back in the day. The pure geek factor is also off the charts. One calculator to rule them all.

  • Avatar of fonseca898

    I second RealCalc. Does a great job if you just need a scientific calc. And it’s free.

  • I would love to see more Casio features implemented as I was never a TI user. 4 color screens were the bomb back in the day.

  • Poor choice of words ^^ but it’s always nice to see what people thinks of something you’ve done, even if it’s not that good.

    I think it’s a shame that the article doesn’t mention , at least what I think to be the best feature of this app. It’s ability to solve equations. Any equations more advanced than the linear and quadratic ones are kind of a bitch to solve by hand if you ask me :d

    I’m rather familiar with the density functions though, if you’re interested just tell me how you want it implemented and I’ll get it done.

  • I actually got a lot of inspiration for the app looking at my own Casio Classpad. I know that device is completely overflowing with various features but I found the ones I used the most was the graph drawer and the equation solver so I decided to make my own versions of them.

    What features is it that you lack?

    Love the feedback btw.
    Thank you.

  • Avatar of weehooherod

    Andie Graph is the best one. It’s the Andy-83 app everybody is talking about except it’s back in the market.

  • Did you guys even check this app out? This can do everything that Droid48 and Andy-83 can do plus so much more plus the interface is so much easier to use.

    The only setback as I see it is that you have to download the keyboard separately but seeing as you only have to do this once it’s not too bad anyway.


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