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Find your lost HTC EVO 4G with SeekDroid

F-705-12With the cost of a HTC EVO 4G not being something that many people can easily pay for, losing your phone can be quite an expensive ordeal.

One solution previously mentioned on G&E was Where's My Droid. While a great app, it's missing a few features that I was looking for such as being able to remotely wipe the entire phone.

In steps SeekDroid by GTMedia with a whole slew of features for just $0.99 that sets itself apart from other apps.


Ss-480-2-8 With a very polished web interface, SeekDroid does more than just find your EVO in Google Maps. It allows you a full bevy of features including audible alarm even on silent while displaying a customized message, device locking, wiping the entire phone and SD card, and disabling apps from being uninstalled.

I have had this app on my EVO for about a month and it has been a life saver. From activating the ringer to discover my phone was buried in the couch cushions to using the lock feature in conjunction with the Google Map ability to retrieve it from a bar where it was left in a drunken haze, not only did I recover my phone but I was able to remotely lock it and display a message stating it should be turned into the bar's managers as well.

With an easy-to-use interface online and easy to manage settings on your phone, SeekDroid definitely provides a lot of abilities for such a small price. I highly recommend it and would love to hear any stories that did not end in horror due this or any other similar apps.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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