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Fix for broken wireless N now available for flashing on rooted HTC EVO 4G

Wireless-nThe latest OTA release of Gingerbread for the HTC EVO 4G introduced more than a few new problems. One you may not have noticed yet is that if you have an 802.11n wireless router, you're now only connecting at 802.11g speeds with 802.11g range. In other words, you're not crazy. Your WiFi speeds are slower now because the update killed wireless N support.

Fortunately a fix for some rooted Gingerbread Sense ROMs (with HTC #1 kernel) has been cooked up and is available in the form of a flashable zip at the link below. Make sure you make a Nandroid backup as MultiDev (the author) suggests before attempting it, and don't forget that this is only for Sense-based ROMs. If you try to flash the fix and you've got a custom kernel and/or an AOSP ROM, not only will you not get your wireless N back, you'll completely break your WiFi as well.

If zip flashing isn't your thing, MultiDev also provides instructions on how to manually replace the existing driver with a modified one that includes N support.

Unfortunately this will not work on an unrooted EVO since there's still no method of rooting the OTA Gingerbread update. So those who are on stock OTA Gingerbread will either have to wait until Sprint rolls out another maintenance release or someone manages to root the current build.

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14 thoughts on “Fix for broken wireless N now available for flashing on rooted HTC EVO 4G

  • This doesn’t work if your on Clockwork Mod 3+

  • According to the specs it only supports b/g. I never could get mine to connect to n since I have had it.

  • “Unfortunately this will not work on an unrooted EVO since there’s still no method of rooting the OTA Gingerbread update (without downgrading to Froyo and then flashing an already rooted Gingerbread ROM)”

    …Ummm… this isn’t even possible yet, right? If one has the recent updates, there’s currently no way to get rooted. Period. Right?

  • I’ve seen people say things like this before – you do know switching to another version is as simple as opening ROM manager, going to the bottom and either selecting Flash Alternate Recovery or click All Clockworkmod Recoveries and just selecting an older one.

    it takes ~ 10 seconds to download / flash / be on another recovery, after the deed is done it takes maybe 10 to flash back to CWM 3+. Less than before as it’s already downloaded the recovery app.

  • Avatar of Evo Genius

    right at the moment i don’t believe you can downgrade after the 2.3 ota.

  • Hrmm, yup, going to change that line… don’t remember writing it in such a fashion as to state you could potentially downgrade it, but evidently I did…

  • Quick Question, would this work with the synergy roms, I know they are sense based; however, the kernel is based off the official gingerbread kernel. Should I go ahead and just try?

  • The second post lists “Synergy RC1” as one of the ROMs supported.

    -edit- second post on their site, not second post here

  • Wow, so people are able to perceive a speed decrease of 11Mbps? I highly doubt that. The majority of EVO users are using Wifi to get to the web, where their bottleneck is their internet connection, not the wifi.

    Now as for range, yes that is definitely something one can perceive.

    For those rooted Froyo users, if you download ROM Manager you can actually get the patch in the Sprint EVO ROMs section. In fact, all of the GB rom’s in the Sprint section include the N patch already applied.

  • You’ll really notice it if you’re sharing wifi with someone a house away. 5GHZ travels so much better than 2.4

  • Avatar of Spencer Garrick

    Does this kernel allow for overclocking?


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