Fujitsu releasing first Mango Windows Phone?

Fujitsuphone1-300x240 Regardless of what you think of Microsoft, you've gotta admire their ability to have a tremendous amount of hardware partners, all willing to throw any software that the company throws at them on their devices. And its partners are all around the world, giving Microsoft yet another advantage over the competition. 

However, with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has one partner in particular who really should be getting first shot at everything to do with it. That partner would be Nokia, but it seems like that might not be the case. 

What you see in the picture here is a Fujitsu Windows Phone running 7.5, or Windows Phone Mango. This device was first seen back at Microsoft's Worldwide Partners Conference in Los Angeles. It's also now being purported to be the first device that runs Mango. That seems really strange to me, especially with the aforementioned Nokia partnership. 

Oh well. In the end, it doesn't matter; all we really want is some of that fruit, right?

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