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Phonejoy controllers for HTC EVO now sporting dual analog sticks

Phonejoy Now that you have all those spiffy emulators on your HTC EVO, it is time to properly control those pixelated heroes with a Phonejoy game controller.

Originally Phonejoy controllers were a digital d-pad affair with limited control options. This was fine and dandy while emulators were stuck in the 8- and 16-bit realms. But now that developers have made the jump to newer systems to base their emulators on, such as the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, there was a need to evolve the controller to the analog format found on those consoles.

The product is basically a modified USB-style Playstation controller, but the company has also made changes to the Bluetooth module to allow connections via the free Bluez-IME app to your device. Very well designed, Phonejoy controllers will be able to withstand your abuse while granting you the fine tuned controls that a pure touchscreen control experience does not provide for games such as Street Fighter or Contra. If you have ever tried to do a quarter circle or line up well timed jumps in a platformer on a touchscreen, you will understand how liberating the accuracy the Phonejoy will grant your gaming.

Coming in at $34.90 for the analog model and $29.90 for the older digital model, Phonejoy is currently operating on a preorder system due to a small production capability. Even so, the company promises to deliver  the goods within a period of less than 45 days.

Check out a video review of the controller below.

[Phonejoy via Clove]
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