Scrapbook for PlayBook looks pretty great

It’s not very often the BlackBerry Playbook gets much love here on NBT. There are several reasons for it as I’m sure most of you agree. However, this app looks pretty slick. RIM Tat, the developers for the application give us a nice little rundown of their thoughts behind the app. The idea looks great, and having used it myself, I really have to recommend it to PlayBook owners (the 3 of you out there). It’s as smooth and simple as can be, and you can really bring back some memories with it. if only they would have developed this for another platform….

The Blackberry blog has a full rundown on the behind the scenes development of Scrapbook. It’s pretty in depth and shows what happens when some extremely creative and capable ideas come together. Hit the link for some behind the scenes coverage.

[BlackBerry blog]

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