SD Maid will clean up your rooted Dell Streak's SD card

SD-Maid If you're like me, then your Dell Streak's SD card isn't exactly the tidiest place in the world. Apps and regular usage of your pocket tablet can leave behind things like logs, crash reports, and debug files that turn useful storage into wasted space. The Android Market has a ton of apps that can wipe out these files, but SD Maid is one of the best ones that I've used so far.

What makes SD Maid so much better than all the other SD card cleaners available for the Streak is the sheer amount of things this one app can do. SD Maid is a complete file manager and a file searching utility, as well as an easy-to-use program for wiping out various temporary files and other extras that Android has left behind. The app also contains a few other goodies, such as a list of the top 50 biggest files on your SD card, for even more space optimizations.

There's also a pro upgrade available for purchase in the Market that adds in a few extra features.


Links: Market (Streak) | Market (web)

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