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Sprint issuing up to 50% credit for the last 3 months to HTC EVO customers in Michigan

6a00d83451c9ec69e20134884cdc81970c-800wi[1] Reports are coming in today on SlickDeals that Sprint HTC EVO customers and other users in Michigan are receiving up to 50% credit for the last three months of service due to outages that have been plaguing parts of the state.

Posts have varied in terms of how much has been credited, but some have pegged credits as high as $209.00 being returned to subscribers' accounts. Of course this amount has gone as low as $20.00 and there has also been reports of users getting a combination deal of a $70.00 credit along with a free Airave access point device.

Incidence of outages have been reported in Michigan as far back as June on Sprint's community forums. Lots of people who have seen the larger amounts in credit have noted that they have called in previously to complain about spotty service and also have outages noted on their account for the time period.

Your mileage will definitely vary on this, with people saying that both calling in and taking trips to stores could amount to different levels of success. Sprint's Retention Department (1-888-211-4727) seems to be the best place to start in the process.

Please remember that this is all based on word of mouth so if you call, you might have to explain the situation and pray for the best outcome. Hopefully this will make up for the shoddy service those in Michigan have been living with for the past couple months.

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