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Hanging With Friends shows lava baths can be fun on your HTC EVO

One Must Fall (not in the battling robots sort of way though) I like playing word games on my HTC EVO 4G. I find that they, along with tower defense games, seem to preoccupy an inordinate amount of my free time and work perfectly on my beloved device.

A while back, Zynga, the creators of Words With Friends, decided to tackle the game Hangman and released Hanging With Friends for iOS. Even more recently they ported the game from iOS to Android.

The basics of the game are that you're pitted against a friend (or enemy as the case may be). Each of you is given 12 letters to make a four- to eight-letter word for the other to guess. On each turn, you're given the option of watching or skipping a replay of the opponent's turn to see how they guessed/failed/won.  After that you attempt to guess whatever word they cobbled together, then you make up a new word to throw at them.

You fail at guessing a word, you lose a balloon. After all your buoyancy is gone, you're taking a lava bath and they're flying high and snickering and the game is over.

There's some options for lifelines that I've personally found to be completely useless to any game I've played, but your mileage may vary.

QR code for Hanging With Friends It seems at the moment like Zynga decided to take the Android Market a bit more seriously with this release than they did with Words; however, you're still stuck playing with an ad-infested game with no way to turn off the ads, pay for it, or escape the end-of-round advertising for another game you already probably have installed.

Hanging With Friends can scour your Facebook for opponents you might want to play, and can advertise that you want an opponent via Twitter.

In the end, it's a gussied up version of Hangman with a few extra options thrown in, but it's free and fun and worth a look.

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