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Mobile telescope lens turns HTC EVO into spy camera


Since we already know how to use the HTC EVO to take macro photos, now let's look at a way to turn the phone's camera into a high-powered telescope. No, no, there isn’t an app for that, but there is an add-on available.

I purchased the telescope lens you see above from eBay for under $12, including shipping from a US seller. Prices vary, but most auctions are going for less than $15 total. The lens comes with a cleaning cloth, lens cap, and instructions (installation is very simple).

While it looks ridiculous at first glance (heck, even at second glance), the can be attached to your EVO to provide a powerful 8x magnification! It may look like a gimmick, but it really works.


The lens quickly attaches to the EVO (and many other devices) with a universal holder. Extend the metallic handle out to the width of the phone, slide it over, and it's held in place. The holder has an adjusting ring that you align/center with your camera and lock in place with a turn-knob. Once the ring is in place, you attach the telescoping lens with a quick turn. The holder will press down on the volume rocker buttons, but this does not affect the operation of the camera.

Tele-backNow your EVO is ready to take some awesome photos. As an added bonus, the holder can be mounted to a tripod.

The images below are ones that I took with this lens mounted on my EVO 3D. The left and top images were taken without the lens, while the right and bottom photos were with the lens attached.

Both were taken from the same distance within a few seconds of each other. Photos have not been altered in any way other than to resize them for this post.









There is a bit of blurriness at the edge of photos taken with the lens; however, the results are still pretty impressive.

The EVO's built-in digital zoom was not used in the above images. With it you would be able to get even closer photos, but unfortunately any slight movement causes blurriness.

The quality may not be outstanding, but I think it's pretty cool that you can use your EVO to snap photos of far away objects. Granted you might not want to replace a high-powered DSLR with this, but it does provide an inexpensive way to take some fun photos with your EVO.

It's also great to see your friend's faces when they see what your phone can do with this lens.

See the sample images below that I took with the lens. Top/left image is without the telescope lens and bottom/right image is with the lens. Both images were taken from the same distance within seconds of each other and have not been altered in any way other than reduced in size and added watermarks. Photos were taken with Evo 3D, but lens will also work with Evo 4G.

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Greg Malinao

Greg is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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22 thoughts on “Mobile telescope lens turns HTC EVO into spy camera

  • I think its pretty cool being that i cant afford a high powered camera that can take good photos… I might have to pick one up with a tripod & i should be good to go for now… ^_^

  • Avatar of Chaco

    Not bad, i think i will give this a shot. i am into photograph, and while i understand the lenses used on this arent top quality, i believe it will get the job done when my DSLR isnt around.
    ordered. :)

  • Avatar of atlanta

    Dude I want one … ASAP ASAP

  • Avatar of Biker1

    Pretty cool.
    Great article and pics.
    Maybe it’ll work with the Sammy also, that I’m getting soon.

  • For the price, this thing is awesome!

  • Avatar of ZenTsang

    …and bought! =)

    I already bought the magnetic ring – macro lens. Just adding to my collection.

    • Avatar of Nessa Kingdom

      Where can purchase this item for my HTC Evo?

  • Make sure you search the listings well to include tripods and other accessories… I bought two (myself and GF) before I learned other listings included more. #BuyersRemorse

  • Almost scary how much it zooms in with a phone camera… Ups the creeper aspect lol

  • Avatar of amaults27

    Keep that thing away from the playground, buddy! :)

  • has one there been tried with big extended battery, such as Seidio’s? I could use one, but I use the really big batter. My concern is the telescope lens with adapter mount would not sit flat on the camera lens.

  • Avatar of Adrian

    Awesome!! They are still fit in my pocket!! Still can do many thing such as hanging out with friends, drink, etc.. Instead of carrying a bag of Canon or Nikon camera with a telescope.

  • Avatar of weirdia

    I like the bracket can be used as a tripod mount with or without the telescope lens, which I find useful. Hard to find a cheap one from a US location. I just ordered one from AZ but paid almost $25. Most of the US sellers are charging over $60.

  • I’m trying to get my hands on an EVO with extended battery to see if its works, but no luck. Although I tried it on EVO 4G with Otterbox defender case and it was too wide to fit the holder on. So beware about wide cases and covers.

  • This is incredible….wow! HTC EVO turning into spy camera,this is amazing!Great pics!It’s really pretty cool that you can use our EVO to snap photos of far away objects.

  • I just got this telescope and it is pretty awesome, but to my amazement, I actually know where this pictures were taken!!!
    Greg Malinao you are awesome!!!

  • Avatar of craig

    Can you magnifie up close ojects with it. i need to take pictures of diamond tools so i can send back to my engineer. at this time i use a jewelers glass with both hands. It is hard to keep it in place.

  • waaow….You have posted very nice snaps …they are wonderful and i must say that this telescope is having just an awesome features and its looking fantastic also..

  • I would like to know if it is possible to attach this cool thing on HTC Desire HD… I would love to have it :D


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