Nokia Sabre caught on camera, eating up some Mango

Sabre-427x600Given my infatuation with white devices and my relatively passionate love affair with Windows Phone 7, you can probably surmise that the Nokia Sabre, the phone you see to your left, completely blew my mind. 

Nokia World is next week. Since Nokia's partnership with Microsoft took place, the tech world (including myself) have been wondering what Espoo will push out with their newfound mobile operating system. Most of us thought that it would be the Sea Ray first, followed by countless other devices, as Nokia seems to love doing. However, a recent leak from Pocketnow seems to state otherwise, and it might just be the Sabre. 

Even with all of Nokia's troubles, it's still one of my favorite hardware companies. Its device, like the N9, are absolutely breathtaking pieces of industrial design, only held back by the lackluster software. 

Hopefully, a more modern operating system will help to make Nokia a household name once again.

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Calob Horton

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