Norwegian newspaper gets “best iPad app” award

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The multimedia revolution is happening in all countries, even here in Norway. One of the big tabloid newspapers in the country, VG, was awarded the title “best iPad app” during a award ceremony of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) in Vienna tonight. Quoting reasons such as excellent use of pictures, extra content, and using the potential of the platform, the jury awarded the title to VG over more widely known newspapers such as Sunday Times, Die Welt and Bloomberg News.

Of course these awards mean didley squat in the grand scheme of things as anyone can make up awards and name whoever they want whatever they want. Still, I find it both remarkable and ironic that such a title is awarded to a Norwegian newspaper, seeing as though the budget for venturing into such a new market has to be significantly lower for a newspaper from a country which has a total population that is less than many of the world’s major cities. It’s worth noting though that VG’s iPad app is far from free, with the cheapest subscription being roughly $100 USD per year (with monthly subscriptions being roughly the same and weekly subscriptions being significantly more expensive). Apps like these might end up being the saviors of the newspaper industry, as it gives people a way to get more extensive coverage than the web version of a paper without having to go to the store and buy the version that is painted on dead trees using crushed beetles.

[VG (Norwegian)]

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