Scribblenauts lands on iOS

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Scribblenauts is a game franchise that has to be tried to be believed. It first started out on the Nintendo DS, and people (including me) have been asking for it on iOS for years. The game gives you various puzzles to solve, and to help you do it you can spawn anything out of thin air. As in anything. You type it in, it appears. The database of items is ridiculous, and even though you will get “did you mean…” if your imagination is really screwed up, you’ll also be surprised when things like Cthulhu or the Large Hadron Collider gladly spawns for your use. Some of these items are there just to satisfy people, but there’s also a surprising number of ways you can solve a task. Granted, when I tried using Cthulhu as one of three farm animals I were to give a farmer it proceeded to eat the farmer instead, but equipping a policeman with a shotgun was a valid combination. It might be a bit random though – a “key” was an acceptable “non weapon item” for a bank heist, but a bank manager wasn’t.

Anyways, you get the drift. It’s a lot of fun, and sometimes the pure fun in spawning a nuke and setting it off is far more amusing than solving the tasks at hand. The downside is that this app isn’t available worldwide – I did find it and bought it from the US app store for $5, but couldn’t find it in the Norwegian app store. Probably has something to do with it only understanding English.

[iTunes via TouchArcade]

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