CrowdGadgets Episode 16

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We are back from our Thanksgiving hiatus and ready to talk tech! And between the Carrier IQ controversy and the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, among lots of other happenings in the tech universe, there is certainly no shortage of things to talk about.

00:01:15 – AT&T puts T-Mobile acquisition on hold
00:06:21 – Carrier IQ discussion
00:16:08 – Even more security issues found on HTC EVO 4G
00:18:55 – Android Ice Cream Sandwich doesn’t support Flash… yet
00:19:42 – Android Gingerbread surpasses 50% adoption as Ice Cream Sandwich hits the market
00:20:30 – Nokia Lumia 800 sees successful sales in the UK
00:21:34 – Want to make the switch to WP7?
00:24:50 – Water damaged iPhone story
00:27:11 – Lenovo working on Windows Phone handset, says project manager
00:28:40 – Windows Phone gets more Mac-friendly with updated Connector
00:31:31 – Noreve iPhone 4/4S Tradition leather case review
00:33:15 – RIM offering refurb PlayBooks for $150
00:36:23 – Trouble with OneNote sync on Windows Phone? Fix it with these simple steps
00:37-42 – Developers get limited Siri access with iOS 5.1
00:43:01 – Samsung asks iPhone buyers “Why don’t you just get a 4G phone?” in new ad
00:44:40 – Samsung Galaxy Tab is finally coming to Australia
00:45:50 – Dell Streak 7 is discontinued
00:47:56 – RIM not in favor of BlackBerry PlayBook root, will be patching hole soon

Hosts: Calob Horton, John Freml, Stuart Cope, and William Devereux
Podcast Editor: Calob Horton
Newsletter Editor: John Freml

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Specs for the unannounced Motorola DROID 4 were leaked online, and the manufacturer is readying top-tier Android phones for China. That country might be getting Windows Phones too, thanks to a rumored early 2012 launch and Lenovo’s upcoming initial offering. AT&T’s Windows Phones are selling quite well, and they have become more Mac-friendly. Google Maps also received an update, bringing it on par with Bing. Finally, a humorous new Samsung ad parodies a certain stereotypical market.


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Cowon Korea announced the R7 this week. The 7-inch device is a “Full HD Super Portable Media player (PMP)” with excellent battery life. It’s so good, in fact, that it can play 65 hours of audio or ten hours of video. The R7 supports nearly every audio format, includes 64GB of internal memory, and features MicroSDHC and HDMI. The only oddity is that the interface, while nice, is running on Windows CE 6.0 rather than Android.

Good and EVO

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The Carrier IQ controversy seems to have gotten quite hairy in a very short amount of time. It all began when the company that makes the Carrier IQ software sent Android security expert Trevor Eckhart a cease and desist letter after he exposed what the software was up to. They then retreated after the EFF stepped in, but then turned around to a round of questions from the US Senate, plus several class action lawsuits.

Nothing But Tablets

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now legally available once more in Australia, after a panel overturned Apple’s request to ban sales. Apple is, of course, still fighting, and will continue their crusade to ban sales of the alleged iPad look-a-like. Those with a TouchPad from the $99 firesale may have accepted that WebOS is essentially unsupported, yet HP will be announcing officially what the are doing with the OS soon – there may still be hope.


16 pocketables - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Is there anything better than an ultra high-quality case on an already high-quality phone? The gang over at Noreve doesn’t think so, which is why the company sent Pocketables its iPhone 4/4S Tradition leather case to review. We were also happy to learn that developers will get limited Siri access in iOS 5.1, bringing tighter integration from our personal assistant. Plus, RIM will be patching a PlayBook security hole to stop the recent root.


16 streaksmart - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Just three days after the T-Mobile 4G variant was shown off on Zinio’s website, Dell quietly discontinued the Dell Streak 7 Android tablet on Friday, December 2. This latest discontinuation from the folks from Texas comes just about four months after the smaller Dell Streak 5 “phoneblet” was discontinued, as well. There’s still possibly the Streak 10 Pro and the Streak Pro to look forward to, but for right now, we say goodbye to Dell’s US-based Streak line.


16 zuneboards - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Not sure if you want to get a Windows Phone 7 device yet? Microsoft has put together a lovely website which completely replicates the WP7 experience, even down to the swiping of the panels and their animations. Additionally, while the YouTube app for WP7 was previously just a measly link to the YouTube website, the eagerly awaited MetroTube app has finally been released, which gives users tons of features they never previously had.

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