Transformer Prime is rooted by using an exploit

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So far this week the Transformer Prime has been making headlines, and not all of them have been good. Just yesterday XDA announced that someone had found an exploit and successfully installed Superuser on their tablet, giving them root. As with most early root methods this one took a pretty steep knowledge of using a terminal and entering code. Only one day later and there is already a tool available that will automate the process for you. Now this tool doesn’t take away the danger that is ever present any time you are trying to root a device, but it does streamline the process. This tool will also unroot your tablet for you if you need to send it in for any warranty claims.

To root or not to root is the question, or so it seems sometimes. I’m firmly entrenched on the root side of the debate for a few different reasons. On my phones, I wanted to be able to access all the hardware functions that HTC put in my phone without having to pay my carrier extra money to do it, and for my Touchpad, I really didn’t have a choice if I wanted to be running Android. I haven’t had a bad experience yet, and found that as long as you follow the instructions to a T, you should be OK.

I do find it funny that a day after Asus announced that they would unlock the Transformer Prime bootloader so users can better gain root, someone already found a way to do it without them. It makes me wonder when companies are going to learn that just about anything created by one mans hands, can be cracked by another’s. It seems too often large companies try to lock you out of the devices you purchase, only to get such a backlash from the community that they immediately reverse course.

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