Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 price appears on QVC


Despite Samsung delaying the release of the Galaxy Tab 2, a possible price has just been revealed by US retailer QVC. According to a briefly posted product listing on their website, the Galaxy Tab 2 will be priced at $309.96, which comports quite well with the idea that the Tab 2 will be a budget offering in the tablet market.

Granted, the device up for sale is only the 8GB version, and it isn't clear if it is the AT&T GSM version. More than likely, it does not include AT&T 3G, but it is also quite possible that QVC has slightly inflated this price. So, I wouldn't be surprised if the Galaxy Tab 2 goes on sale for $299, or perhaps even $249. And although the QVC posting is clearly accidental, it should at least give us an idea of the Galaxy Tab 2's price when it is released in the US.

Keeping in mind that the tablet includes very respectable specifications like a 1024 x 600 PLS display, 1GHz dual-core processor, dual cameras, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Tab 2 begins to look like a pretty good deal. Even for $100 more than the Kindle Fire, the added camera and GPS, not to mention the full Android 4.0 tablet experience, should make this device a solid choice whenever it is finally released.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 price appears on QVC

  • I purchased the Samsung tab 2 from QVC and has been shipped delivery is Thursday


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