Motorola reveals updated smartphone designs with Ice Cream Sandwich at Chinese event


Motorola may have been busy getting acquired by Google these past few months, but as promised that deal hasn't prevented them from moving foreword with their own smartphone design projects. Just today in China, Motorola quietly revealed some slight redesigns of its current RAZR smartphones, with the major change being the removal of hardware buttons to better accommodate Ice Cream Sandwich.

In fact, the device's internals remained mostly unchanged, and the source of the images said the displays were of the qHD variety. This means that they will probably be quite similar to Motorola's current lineup, with dual-core processors, 1GB of RAM, and 8MP cameras. In short, they won't be a specification revolution.

Despite this realization, it is possible that the rumored Droid Fighter will look a lot like this, albeit with a 720p display. Even if it isn't the same device, the hardware in the images leaked should show the direction that Motorola is planning to go with future devices. From what I have seen, I already like it. It appears that Motorola has taken the Kevlar motif that I liked so much on the Droid RAZR MAXX and expanded it to the entire back side of the phone, while also taking advantage of Android 4.0's software buttons to clean up the front of the device and make it more uniform.

There's no word on when or if this style of devices will make it to the US, but if the Figher is made in this style then we can probably expect it around this summer. These designs look quite good in my opinion, so I think it would be beneficial for Motorola to hurry up and bring them to the rest of the world.


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