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How to take screenshots on your unrooted HTC EVO 4G LTE

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If you ever need to take a screenshot of an application or screen on your HTC EVO 4G LTE, there are two methods you can use. The first and older-style method is to press and hold power and then tap the home button. The screen will flash and a copy of your screenshot will be saved in the DCIM folder on your internal memory.

A different method which works with the newer EVO/some ICS ROMs is to press power and volume down at the same time and hold them for about one second until you see an animation that the image was captured. The screenshot will be produced the same, the animation will differ slightly letting you know it was taken, and the image will be placed in the Pictures\Screenshots folder. After the screenshot is taken you’ll receive a notification in the drop down section that there’s a screenshot available to view which you can view in the default gallery or any other image viewing application you have installed.

Both of these methods require some timing. If you don’t press home on the first method within two seconds the power menu will pop up, and if you release power or volume on the second method before the screenshot is taken you’ll either lock the phone or turn the volume down. Fortunately neither of these does anything other than make your screenshot fail.

Now go grab some screens!

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18 thoughts on “How to take screenshots on your unrooted HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • Never knew about the power/home button combo. However by chance I tried the power/vol dwn method first day Evo was in my hands. Before I ever tried and successfully un rooted.
    As always thanks for the info

    • Lol duh.
      And it worked so no custom anything needed.

  • I new about the home power from my EVO 3D but this new way power volume down is cool I like how it shows you it’s cool!

  • Perfect timing!

    I knew it could be done, but had never needed it until recently. I was planning to look it up after work, and wouldn’t you know, this post was sitting in my RSS feed when I got home.

    Thanks for the info!

  • i have an htc evo, but both the home and power and power and volume are not woking for me.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      Which EVO? 4G, 3D, 4G LTE, Shift, Design?

      ICS and AOSP were the first to use Vol Down + Power.

      Also which level of the OS? Froyo, GB, ICS?

      • Avatar of Kiara Carrillo

        Um, i have a HTC EVO 4G. And, i try to this. since march. But it hasn’t seem to work. can you make a video? Please!

        • Avatar of Paul E King

          When I get back home I’ll make one. Only have my 4g lte here and no way to record it.

          The 4G original would only be home and power. Press and hold power, press and hold home. Home and Volume was an ICS screenshot method unless I am mistaken.

          • Avatar of Bryan Faulkner

            Lol. I have had the original EVO 4G for almost 2 years now and never knew that you could do power and home button to take a screenshot and I know I’ve done Google searches on it before and found nothing. This will definitely come in handy! :)

            Power and volume down was how I would take screenshots on the TouchPad with ICS, so I would assume it would be the same on ICS phones.

  • I have a HTC EVO 3d but I can’t take a homescreen picture at all.

  • I have the HTC evo 4G neither methods are working..

  • Thanks a lot for the useful information.. after long time I didn’t find any free screenshot apps that suitable for my ICS ;)
    Pressing Power+volume down is working on my ICS… So amazing

  • Avatar of Soky

    Thank you very much for this information!! I love that I can do screen shots! I never knew this when I got the phone.

  • Avatar of christine

    I have an HTC evo 4G running gingerbread and neither are working for me help?

  • Hey thanks for the info I did it with the first method on my HTC EVO 4g n I seen it flash but I don’t know where to retrieve dcim thingamajiggy to see it. Any tips?

  • I have an evo shift and I dont know how to screenshot


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