Mozilla Firefox 13 may be my new favorite browser

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As you all know, I’m a pretty hardcore Google user: I use Gmail, Chrome, Tasks, and many other of the search giant’s services. At the same time, I’m always looking for better products – and it seems that I found a better browser from Mozilla. 

I used to be a Firefox fanboy, for lack of a better term. When I was still using Windows as my main operating system, Mozilla’s browser was my go-to for everything. I tried Internet Explorer, Opera, and even Safari; but none of them had Firefox’s combination of speed, reliability, and compatibility.

But then in 2008, when I made my switch to OS X, I stopped using it. Firefox was horrendously slow; launching the app took up to 10 seconds and loading webpages could take even longer. For the next two years, Safari was my browser. Chrome wouldn’t be released for another two years, but when it was, I obviously made the switch from Safari to Google’s browser.

It’s now 2012 – June 5, 2012, to be exact. Firefox 13 is now out. And after finding out that news, I thought I might as well give the browser a second chance. What I discovered was that Mozilla has made some amazing improvements in performance (at least in its Mac edition): launching takes about 1/10 of the time it used to take and pages load instantly.

Most importantly, Mozilla also provides a mobile version of Firefox for Android, complete with syncing functionality. Syncing is an important requirement of mine for browsers – luckily, the new one I picked for my desktop and laptop also works on my Galaxy Nexus. Therefore, I’ll be missing absolutely nothing from Chrome as I go forward with Firefox – except for a second or two every time I load up a webpage.

Good job, Mozilla. I’ve been waiting for a proper continuation of Firefox’s glory days.

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Calob Horton

Calob Horton is an associate editor at Pocketables. He loves all technology, no matter which company it comes from. This unbiased view of the tech world allows him to choose the products that best fit his personal needs and tastes: a Microsoft Surface Pro, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and a third-gen iPad.Google+ | Twitter | More posts by Calob | Subscribe to Calob's posts

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4 thoughts on “Mozilla Firefox 13 may be my new favorite browser

  • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

    I used to use Firefox 4…then I went into the kitchen to get some water, and when I came back, they had released 9 new versions.

    But seriously though, I find that new numbering scheme of theirs quite amusing. I was a FF user just like you though, but FF ended up being a worse browser than IE at the end there and I couldn’t take waiting 10 minutes for the browser to load anymore. Been using Chrome ever since, but I guess I should sit down and play with FF 13 myself. Then again, if I wait until tomorrow, FF31 will probably be out xD

  • Avatar of Daniel Davis

    At least they aren’t using codenames of random cats for each version.
    They’d be wayyyy past ocelots by now.

  • Avatar of John Freml

    Nothing in Firefox 13 has convinced me to go back to that browser from Chrome. And with Chrome for Android, I love the fact that I can pick up from various browsing sessions on my phone, tablet, and PC, no matter what device I’m using. Chrome is definitely the one for me!

    • FF actually does that too, in fact they did it first, and it supports Flash… I haven’t tried it on Android in a while but those two facts have been tempting me to do so, mostly because I still use FF on the desktop. If I dont like FF on Android ill probably have to end up switching to Chrome on the deskto, even tho at this point its the bigger memory hog of the two.


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