Task for Tasker that speaks the weather forecast [Download]

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Lately I’ve been lending a hand to someone trying to make a Tasker task that speaks the weather forecast out loud and can be used with other tasks, like a good morning task, or a DIY voice assistant. This is similar to what there’s a tutorial for in the Tasker wiki, but while that one is outdated, this one works.

Difficulty level: Medium. Meant for existing Tasker users that know the basics of Tasker, but with task download and instructions provided for easy implementation

How to use

Make sure you have the latest beta version of Tasker installed. This is because this task uses a Read File action that is not available in the current release version. Don’t worry though, it’s “beta” because of new features, not because it’s unstable.

Download the task from below. Two versions are available, a direct .xml download and a zipped version. On some devices, you can go to this page in your browser, long click on the .xml download, select “save link”, open it once downloaded, and then select to open with Tasker. If that doesn’t work, download the .zip, and unzip it to the Tasker/tasks folder manually. The resulting steps are identical regardless of which of these methods you use:

Go into Tasker, long click on the Tasks tab, select Import. Select the Weather task.

Open the task, then the HTTP Get action. Switch out YYYYYYY in the Path field with your location. This can be a US zip code, State/City, or Country/City. Examples are 90210, CA/San_Francisco, and Norway/Hamar – with the slashes included. Then, switch out XXXXXXXXX with a Wunderground API key. You can get such a key for free by signing up for Wunderground:

Make sure there are no spaces or other “irregularities” when you insert the API. The resulting Path field should look something like this:


The bold text indicates the pieces you replaced.

Finally, go into the Say action, click on the magnifying glass next to Engine:Voice, and select a Text To Speech engine that you have installed.

That’s it. Now the task should report the current and upcoming weather forecast when used. You can then implement it in other profiles either directly or using Task/Perform Task to run it from within another task.

Download: Weather.tsk.xml


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