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Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 based off of Android Jelly Bean makes its way to the HTC EVO 4G

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A booting version of CyanogenMod 10, based on the recently released Android Jelly Bean operating system, has managed to make its way to the original HTC EVO 4G. While it’s probably not a daily driver candidate yet, it’s still a far better ROM than what shipped with the phone two years ago from HTC. Team D.I.R.T. (Developers In Real Time,) is responsible for the port and once again has done something pretty nifty.

Right off the bat, what’s not working is listed as camera, 4G, NetFlix. For me the camera is a must and the other two are not. My bet is it will be up and running soon enough. The development thread reports of problems with the ROM are notably few which is pretty impressive for a work-in-progress offering like this one. The only oddness/bug I’ve run across is the charging light never comes on when the phone is plugged in to my computer or an outlet even though the computer and the phone claim it’s charging.

The ROM is not smooth yet and lacks some polish, but considering it’s 26 hours old as of this writing that’s not something I would expect yet. This was not the first HTC EVO 4G Jelly Bean ROM, that title went to preludedrew, but it’s the first that I ran across. If others are on this level I have a feeling we’ll have a completely reinvigorated original EVO line fairly soon, which is not something I expected to happen past year two of the phone.

I installed this yesterday and ran it over night and lost about 10% of my battery. That’s a bit high in comparison to other ROMs, but as stated, this is fresh out of the gate and if you’re worried about battery life on a day old new piece of development you may want to wait a few versions to install.

There are a couple of versions of the ROM available for download, the first version contains A2SD, and the second doesn’t and also includes a lot of bugfixes. While A2SD may be quite useful in a later daily driver, it’s probably not something needed on a development ROM so go for the one with the bug fixes.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing what CM10/Jelly Bean has to offer, this is a great ROM to look at. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet, and as it’s labeled a work-in-progress they’re not claiming it is. I’m anxiously awaiting the camera to be ported and I’ll definitely be checking their next few releases.

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4 thoughts on “Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 based off of Android Jelly Bean makes its way to the HTC EVO 4G

  • WOOT WOOT!!! NO my port of CM10 was not the first JB rom on the EVO….preludedrew holds that title :)

    Also yes it is a WIP but hopefully the team and I can iron out some of these issues out and get it going to where is usable for a daily driver!

    Thanks again for the review dude, you rock!!

    Alex aka Mazda

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      Not really a review, more of an announcement… it’ll get a review when it gets a bit more functional. Really liked what I played with so far though.

      ROM Picks is our review tag here, anything else is “hey look at this, it looks neat,” which is what this fell into.

      So, unless development stops, at the point it’s a daily driver it’ll probably be back up as “all right, NOW look at this.”

      Editing piece to give Preludedrew props

    • Avatar of Simon Belmont

      Saw your thread on xda last night. Thanks for your hard work.

      Hopefully it will be easy to get HWA and Project Butter cooking on it. Then, Google Now.

  • Nice! Gonna check this one out..


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