XBMC teams up with Ouya to add media center functionality to the Android console

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Although it’s debatable whether or not the Ouya Android console is actually a good buy at this point, there’s no doubt that there has been quite a bit of hype built up around it. The prospect of an Android game console with nice controllers at a cheap price seems just too good to pass up for many users. However, those still on the fence may be swayed by the latest news about the console. The team behind XBMC, the awesome media center software originally for the Xbox (and now on Android) will be working with Ouya to make sure that XBMC works perfectly on the console.

There isn’t much information about what exactly this means, although it certainly is good news. While the XBMC app for Android may have worked fine without any optimization, it is just as likely that there would have been some sort of functional or interface problem. Now, buyers can be sure that if the Ouya does make it to market, XBMC will be able to work to make the device into a full-fledged home theater system.

Back when the Nexus Q was demoed running CyanogenMod, I almost bought one because of the possibility to use it as a full-on media center with the XBMC app. The high price of the device, however, made me postpone the decision. Now that the Ouya console will definitely have XBMC support, I’m fairly certain I will buy one if it hits the shelves. I’m not going to take the risk of becoming a backer since they have plenty of cash already, but if the Ouya actually gets made, then between XBMC and the developer community that is sure to grow around it, it could be my replacement for a Nexus Q.

[XBMC via The Verge]
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