ASUS sends out “save the date” for the Padfone 2 announcement

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Even though it wasn’t widely available here in the US, it looks like the ASUS Padfone was successful enough for the Chinese manufacturer to give the device another go. ASUS just sent out “save the date” announcements for the ASUS Padfone 2, which will be officially unveiled on October 16 in Milan, Italy and Taipei, Taiwan.

We have almost no details about the specs of the Padfone 2, other than the probability that it will sport a quad-core processor. I’d speculate that, since both announcements are scheduled for places outside the US, it’s unlikely that ASUS has lined up any American carrier partners. Still, I hope that either Sprint or T-Mobile at least consider offering this innovative device that’s a phone, tablet, and netbook all in one. It’s so innovative, in fact, that I think it could cause quite a huge splash in the US market, and give Sprint or T-Mobile a much needed boost in customer counts.

We’ll of course know more by mid-October.

[Android Police]
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5 thoughts on “ASUS sends out “save the date” for the Padfone 2 announcement

  • Avatar of carlo

    TransPhone is available now globally at half the cost.

    • Avatar of carlo

      TransPhone is available now globally at half the cost at

  • Avatar of CharlesS

    How about “save the date” for Jellybean on the rest of the Transformer line…mainly the Infinity…

  • Avatar of Patrick

    Might get one. Depends on price.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I had not even heard of a “PadPhone”. I guess that is how much they advertised in the US. Lol.


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