Quick app review: Contre Jour for Windows Phone

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Last week’s Xbox LIVE-enabled new release on Windows Phone, Contre Jour, is an addicting puzzle game developed by Mokus and published by Chillingo. The game was released on iOS last November, but the Windows Phone edition includes 20% more content than its predecessor.

Like many popular puzzle games, Contre Jour’s mechanics are based on physics. The game starts off by letting you morph the terrain slightly in order to induce movement, but as you progress you’ll eventually be required to use tendrils (essentially rubber bands), ropes, air geysers (essentially cannons), pulleys, and much more. While most of the levels present a challenge of some sort, collecting all three blue orbs usually isn’t too hard. Just be prepared for about one mind-numbingly difficult level per world.

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Contre Jour is comprised of five worlds – plus a bonus “Mango” world exclusive to Windows Phone – with 20 levels each. Each world introduces new concepts and has a different take on the game’s beautiful art style, which relies heavily on contrast. While the fantastic soundtrack doesn’t have any effect on the gameplay, the developer feels strongly enough about it that the game suggests using headphones for the best experience every time you start it up.

At $2.99, Contre Jour is slightly above the impulse buy price point. But the addicting gameplay and fantastic art style make it an instant recommendation. It’s also relatively easy to unlock all of the achievements for 200 Gamerscore. If you haven’t yet played Contre Jour, you can download a free trial from the Windows Phone Store today.

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Download: Windows Phone Store

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