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Rumor: Jelly Bean will be released for HTC One X by October, other HTC devices before Christmas

jelly bean - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAs with all rumors of this nature, take this with a humongous grain of salt. That being said, Modaco is reporting that the HTC One X will receive the much-anticipated Jelly Bean update that was announced back in July. Additionally, according to the same report, HTC is planning on rolling out Jelly Bean to the rest of its newer lineup by Christmas: this would presumably include the One V, the One S, the EVO 4G LTE, and the  DROID Incredible 4G LTE.

If this rumor turns out to be true, this would put the One X in the same time frame as the Samsung Galaxy S III for the Jelly Bean update, since Samsung plans to release the software sometime in October, as well.

There have also been rumors of a One X+ – possibly the same as or similar to the 5-inch device that’s might be headed to Verizon – that will launch with Jelly Bean on board and Sense 4.5. If HTC really is planning on releasing new flagship phones with Jelly Bean, then it would make sense from a customer service perspective to get Jelly Bean out for the One series as soon as possible – if nothing else, to keep from ticking people off who already bought a new(ish) HTC phone.

Are you happy with this rumored update timeframe?

[Modaco via Android Community]
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21 thoughts on “Rumor: Jelly Bean will be released for HTC One X by October, other HTC devices before Christmas

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    You asked if we were happy with this timeline and I have to say no I’m not. HTC really needed this update to stay competitive. If Samsung brings Jelly Bean to the masses before HTC then HTC is in serious trouble.

    HTC needs to build some momentum back that it lost (Since OG EVO released, etc) by releasing Jelly Bean first and getting their name out there. They could get tons of free press by getting Jelly Bean out ASAP! Every Android site on the net would have a stories on it and it would cause Samsung owners to take pause and wonder why they don’t have it yet. However if HTC is on the latter end of that arrangement and Samsung releases first then HTC doesn’t have a chance.

    In the US their phones are near identical but the Samsung ticks more boxes by having 2GB of RAM vs 1GB. They also have slightly bigger screen. HTC needs to do something to give them the upper-hand or they are in a lot of trouble.

    I think they might last one more cycle in the big leagues but after that they will either be bankrupt or known as a lowly manufacturer such as LG or ZTE. It’s really now or never for them. Come on HTC as I’m rooting for you!


    • Avatar of a22matic

      I’m not happy with a Christmas timeframe for my EVO LTE. The EVO LTE was released before the SIII, so it should receive the JB update around the same time as the SIII. Two months after the SIII would be a letdown. ICS works fine on my EVO LTE, but HTC needs to show EVO LTE owners the same love as One X owners.

  • Avatar of Chrislvb

    I am rooted, so I know that as soon as it comes out with sense integrated there will be even more Roms than there are now. So, if it is true and I only have to wait a few more weeks, then I am very happy. Only time will tell.

  • Avatar of Niraj

    I certainly hope this is true, but the original source of this information (the Android Community article points to a Modaco article) was pretty light on details and also how they got that information.

    That said, I don’t doubt the timeline…it seems reasonable, and the EVO LTE got the last update pretty quickly after the One X.

  • Avatar of spencer311

    Doesn’t matter… I’ll be running key lime pie by Christmas LOL fingers crossed

  • Avatar of Greg M

    HTC and Sprint take far too long with OS updates. I wouldn’t expect it to be any faster than Sammy. But once it does come out, it will breath new life into our phones.

  • This would be a huge letdown. I intentionally bought the Evo 4G LTE because I like to support the little guy. Especially since HTC makes such good equipment. I was really tempted to go Samsung after seeing all of my family members get the Galaxy S II and LOVE it.

    In fact I think the decision point on a new device is going to be which group gets Jelly Bean out the door first. I will be very annoyed if the Galaxy S III gets Jelly Bean on Sprint faster than the Evo 4G LTE which was released a few months earlier. In fact, Jelly Bean should be out by now given the timeline for HTC ONE and EVO 4G LTE devices.

  • Avatar of Rose

    The EVO 4G LTE should be the first to get JB in my opinion. That Sucks! I hope we get it soon.

  • Avatar of Aaron

    HTC might have it ready but will sprint? That will take another 4-5 months. Yall don’t hold your breath on HTC or Sammy getting it til sprint and the others have jacked it up.

  • Avatar of Damon

    Only time will tell I guess

  • I wish they’d make the whole process more transparent. Why can’t they just let us know what’s happening in the update process?

  • Avatar of niliar

    I really don’t understand why it takes so long for official updates to roll out. You have people who work for free that can get unofficial updates out in WAY less time – you would think that HTC/Carriers could do it at least as fast.

    Of course the unofficial updates may contain bugs and all features might not work 100% but for the most part things usually aren’t too bad. What HTC/Carriers should do is offer a beta program for customers. We get access to the newest stuff fast with the understanding that there may be issues – and the HTC/carriers get free testing in the real world. Seems like a win-win for everyone involved.

  • Avatar of etiyi

    Google needs to change something up. Its ridic that jb came out when most phones didn’t even have ics. Thats about the only I like about the iphone, they all get their software updates in a timely manner.

  • Avatar of Chris Mann

    I’m assuming this also covers the Evo 4G LTE as it’s essentially the same phone as the One X.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    EVO LTE needs to be updated! I cant wait to play around with my gf’s phone and Jelly Bean!

    • Avatar of Fifth313ment

      Dude you need to forget about the phone and play with your girlfriend, lol. :)

  • I don’t care if Samsung or HTC gets updated first, I just want Jelly Bean NOW! I want Project Butter with its butteriness lol seruoulsy I might ditch HTC, I sent my One X in for the antenna fault and it came back with the case cracked! I sent it back again, they changed the case and chipped the screen at the same time. Can’t be bothered sending it back now. I have little faith left in HTC.

  • Avatar of Carlos

    Hopefully this doesn’t end up like the EVO 3D ICS release… “well give you ICS in the First part of 2012” … hehe. In general anytime a carrier gives a date… double the time they say it will take. I expect sprints network to be here in the end of 2014 or even 2015 since they say end of 2013.

  • Avatar of Hayden Smith

    If they don’t think the One V can handle the update, they are highly mistaken! THE ONE V NEEDS JELLYBEAN!

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    I think my Christmas gift might just be the new DROID incredible x with some 1080p display and quad core action on Verizon. I love me some lte.


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