Gameloft announces Apple-certified game controller

Another day, another game controller. The market is starting to get beyond saturated, which then makes it just the more ironic that most people still have no clue what you can do with a normal game controller on Android. This time it’s Gameloft’s turn to spit out a controller, and it’s actually a bit different from the rest – just perhaps not in an overly good way. The so-called Duo Gamer is Apple-certified, and connects as a Bluetooth game pad instead of pretending to be a Bluetooth keyboard like all the rest (on iOS, that is, Android has found ways around this ages ago). That makes those two analog sticks a bit more precise than you’d otherwise get on iOS, at least one would hope so.

So, what’s the downside? Well, it’s currently compatible with five game. Five Gameloft games, of course: Asphalt 7, Brothers in Arms 2, Modern Combat 3, N.O.V.A 3, and Order & Chaos Online. Not exactly the most impressive list as far as size goes, though at the very least those five titles are as close to console quality as you get these days. Perhaps the bigger issue is the price: $80. For a game controller that looks like a lunch box. Yeah, not exactly the most tempting product I’ve seen out there, but if you’re a Gameloft fan, things might be different. It should pop up in various US retailers soon, including the Apple Store.

[Touch Arcade]
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