Google is planning an Android event October 29 in New York

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Well, there you have it, folks. Google has now officially sent invitations to their next Android event, where it will be able to clear up any confusion about all the rumored upcoming Android devices, and release some new software and hardware. The latest in Android will be revealed on October 29, at an event held in New York at 10:00 am.

What is Google expected to release? There are actually a number of possible options, from phones, to tablets, to software. It is fairly likely that the company will announce new Nexus phones, although it isn’t yet clear whether there will be one device from LG, or whether there will be multiple manufacturers.

We don’t expect a new tablet per say, but either or both the 32GB Nexus 7 and 3G Nexus 7 may make an appearance. “The playground is open,” is Google’s slogan for the Nexus 7, so I expect at least something tablet-related.

The last piece of hardware that could show up is the nearly forgotten Nexus Q. After an announcement this summer, the device was recalled for a redesign. Those who preordered received units, but the device was otherwise not available for purchase. Now that some time has passed, it seems reasonable to expect the refreshed Nexus Q to make an appearance.

Finally, there’s the software. Google just recently released Android 4.1.2 which was mostly bugfixes, so we might see Android version 4.2 (probably Key Lime Pie) at the event. No one really knows specifically what features will be included, but a new Nexus usually warrants at least some upgrades.

If we see all these things at the event, it will be quite a big announcement. While I think all of the above options are possibilities, I don’t think that they will all be announced in one event. Whatever happens, though, you can rest assured that we will be covering it as it happens here on Pocketables.

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