Nexus 4 buyers frustrated by backorders, so don’t expect more stock for a while

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As one of the many consumers who was frustrated at missing the short window for ordering the Nexus 4 before it sold out, I’ve been a bit annoyed at Google’s handling of the Nexus 4 launch, from unclear launch information to lacking stock. Some Nexus 4 buyers have even more reason to be unhappy, however, as Google has now begun sending out emails to quite a few people who bought and paid for the Nexus 4, saying that the device is backordered and won’t be shipping for a number of weeks.

According to Reddit posters and various other Android blogs, the “Order Updates” that Google sent out give an estimated shipping time of three weeks or less, while saying that more information would be provided soon. Since those who ordered were told that the device was in stock and paid for two day shipping, this is sure to be quite disappointing.

This news is also bad for potential Nexus buyers like me, because it means that it will now be even longer before the phone is back up for purchase. If it will take up to three weeks for the Nexus 4 to go out to those who have already paid, I don’t even really want to speculate about how long before it goes back on sale to the public. Of course, for now you can still get the phone at T-Mobile, but it will cost you.

Google did decide to comp early buyers for the two day shipping that they won’t get, but even with that I’d be at least a bit upset if I opened an email that I thought was my tracking number only to find that my order had been significantly delayed. Let’s just hope that Google can get its act together enough that I can finally give them my money sometime in the near future.

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