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Sprint devotes even more money to ailing 3G network

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As Sprint struggles to get its 4G LTE network up and running as quickly as possible, Sprint customers across the nation are getting very impatient – not only are they waiting for that fabled 4G coverage to come to their homes and workplaces, but Sprint’s 3G network is struggling more and more under the strain from record numbers of subscribers.

Luckily, Sprint has spent $200 million extra to beef up its 3G network, even though its main focus has been on expanding LTE coverage. This is good news if you’re in one of Sprint’s problem markets, but it is still a shame to see Sprint spend money on its 3G network that could have gone towards LTE.

This news also comes in the wake of Verizon’s recent announcement that it expects to have its LTE network completely finished by mid-2013. Once the carrier accomplishes this, it will be able to start the process of rolling out Voice over LTE (VoLTE), paving the way to turn CDMA off for good. But in the meantime, Sprint is still investing valuable dollars in its CDMA network.

Hopefully, as LTE expands, Sprint won’t have to worry about 3G quite as much, as more and more customers start utilizing the new network. Until then, though, it seems that this third-place carrier is between a rock and a hard place.

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16 thoughts on “Sprint devotes even more money to ailing 3G network

  • Avatar of gticlay

    I’ve been having issues for about 8 months now at my home (it used to be much better). Here is what Sprint recently told me, and I hope some of that damn money goes toward this:

    The techs have advised the reception issue experienced at this location is do to a lack of capacity. Meaning there is a lack of band width on the tower. The tower used at the problem location is receiving more traffic than it can handle. There is a capacity add scheduled to be completed soon to address the issue at hand. Your ticket will remain open and we will continue to keep you updated.

    Thank you,

    Business Wireless Ticket Management
    BWTM Hours of Operation: SUN-SAT 24-7
    Office Number: (800) 268-0796”

  • Avatar of gticlay

    Speaking of LTE phones, Mr. Freml – have you heard if the new HTC Butterfly J with the 1080p 5″ screen might be coming to Sprint as an Evo LTE+ phone or something? I want one of the big phones next time around and I don’t have an LTE phone right now…

  • Avatar of Shawn

    I’m getting ready to leave Sprint. I switched to them from Verizon back in 2010 because I was tired of Verizon jacking up their prices. Since starting with Sprint, my monthly bill (for 5 smartphones) has gone from $153 up to $252. Granted, $50 of that increase was from their “premium data” charges they added to each phone.

    I’m still stuck on their 3G network, and every time I turn around, it seems to get worse. A few months back, we got an Airave unit for our house to extend the Sprint connectivity, but the unit is not powerful enough to serve all the areas in the house, so we get dropped calls when entering certain rooms.

    Right now I’m thinking of switching to a GSM carrier so I can buy an unlocked Nexus device and then choose which carrier I want. That way I won’t have to pay to “activate” any new device on my plan.

  • Why 3G in Vegas is very bad and we need LTE that is what I bought the LTE phone for! I like to know what where they doing ,OH that’s right Wimax when they could have went LTE in the first place.Come on Sprint!

  • Either way, they need to do something. Lately, getting any sort of suitable data connection is a gamble here in Austin. We’re supposed to have LTE rolling out but there’s only one little area I’ve been able to just barely pick it up. Their 3g speeds are often right around the dial-up level for me. That’s pretty disappointing when other networks can push, what… a couple MB’s per second over 3g?

  • My speeds at work use to be 500-700kbps but now I’m lucky to even connect to 3g I get 1x most of the time

  • Avatar of Justin Murray

    Crap like this is why I left Sprint. After dealing with poor coverage and data speeds for a very long time, I left Sprint and could not be more happier.

  • I bought the new HTC evo LTE when it came out. I’ve been waiting for 4g ever since I got the original evo. Now even my 3g coverage is spotty at home. Sister has HTC one w T-Mobile…I have 4g envy! I don’t know how long I can remain loyal to Sprint.

  • Avatar of Jackson Torrent

    Ok guys I get the pissed off customer sentiment. I was there about 2 months ago. We all have a reason to be upset, but lets stop crying about it. Stay or leave it’s simple. It’s obvious Sprint is putting plans in motion to better the customer experience. Clearwire, Softbank, Us Cellular (BTW Im in Chicago) I realize that service sucks now, but the outcome will be awesome. So stop complaining or leave. It’d be a completely different story if they weren’t offering credits to your bill for jacked service. Check out sites like s4gru and get educated. Once you have knowledge of the work planned in your area, and the massive overhaul sprint is accomplishing i think you’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Thank you for having uncommon sense in a sea of ignorance. I was surprised to see John write an article like this contributing to the stupidity. Money has nothing to do with the LTE rollout! There is no way to speed up the complete replacement of every single cellsite on this network, or any other. I’m familiar with the progress in Chicago. If you’re not complaining, these idiots are definitive cry babies. They cry for new services and better coverage. They cry because it takes time. They cry when an editor mixes great news with a splash of contagious ignorance. if you want real info to help you make an educated decision! John F. if you want to hear the sky is falling from someone doing guess work!

    • Avatar of danindenver

      “It’d be a completely different story if they weren’t offering credits to your bill for jacked service.”

      We don’t have reliable cell phone coverage our own house and HAVE complained and HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOT gotten any credit to our bill for jacked service. I have 3G coverage most places, but not within 1.5 miles of my home. I AM planning on leaving Sprint ASAP, but am locked in to a 2 year contract, like most folks.

  • Avatar of Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    Sprint needs to also keep investing in their 3G CDMA network for their pre-paid users. Even after VoLTE rolls out, I’m sure Boost, Virgin, etc etc etc will still run on CDMA.

  • Avatar of Tgross

    I’ve been with sprint since I was 16 so that would make 13 years…. I’ve dealt with the 3G….and it’s faster than when I was 16… I wish it was a lot faster though. I do like the 99 everything unlimited plan…. It’s just crazy when my gf can hook her phone up to her Bluetooth and use a music app where you play it over 3G/ 4g and she gets the song to load up fast… She’s on AT&T …. And I have to pause the song and wait for it to load up before playing.

  • Avatar of xfactor

    I have been a sprint customer for almost 10 years. I am ready to leave. Unfortually my contract is not up unti April of next year. Its a shame that ive now had three 4 g capable phones and still dont have any type of 4g service and the 3 g is way to slow.

  • I was told the same. We’re sorry, we are trying and we have no clue when you will be getting 4G LTE. Very frustrated here, spent 2 years waiting for 4G on my EVO and never got it. Not wait another 2 years for LTE? Sucks to see 5 people next to me, 1 w Verizon LTE, other w AT&T LTE n the other w MetroPCS LTE, and here I am, paying all this money on a 3G that gets me at most 300kb, ridicolous. Been w sprint 10+ years, and I fell in love w the EVO family, but it looks like it’s finally time to move on

    • I meant 4 ppl and I left out T-Mobile, that’s how frustrated I am LOL


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