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How to cancel iOS automatic magazine renewals

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Last summer, I decided I would try out digital magazines on the iPad. After all, it’s almost exclusively a media consumption device for me, so I wanted to do most – if not all – of my media consumption on the tablet. Therefore, I ordered up a few subscriptions of my favorite paper magazines and began to read through the issues.

Eventually, I gave up.

In my opinion, in the day and age of instant-access to media and information, a monthly periodical of sometimes outdated news and reviews can seem – well, it’s just a weird feeling, reading something that you know isn’t true anymore. In fact, I once got a paper issue of an Apple-centric publication a few days after Steve Jobs died. One of the editorials featured on the cover was about what Jobs was going to do after he left Apple. Yikes.

Unfortunately, digital magazines are just the same thing to me. I appreciate the beautiful layouts and gorgeous photographs that usually make up a feature or an editorial, but the information always seems a tad bit out of date. I’d rather go to a website where the information is updated regularly than read something that, when I do get the chance to read it, may or may not be out of date. There are plenty of people in the world who enjoy reading magazines, but I’m not one of them.

As a result of my newfound feelings towards digital magazines, I’ve decided to cancel all of my subscriptions – which actually turned out to be a process that was much more difficult than it needed to be. To help you through the process of cancelling your own subscriptions, I’ve put together this short, sweet, and simple guide to make it easier on yourself. The option to cancel an automatically-renewing subscription is, strangely, hidden in your account settings in the App Store.

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First, open the App Store. Then, scroll down to where you can click on your account on log in to see more information about it. After that, enter your credentials in the pop-up dialog and you’ll be presented with the screen you see below.

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After this screen pops up, you just have to tap on the Manage button under Subscriptions.

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I was so happy to be cancelling my subscriptions that I forgot to take a picture of what this dialogue looks like before you cancel your subs. However, it’s just a simple slider to turn off auto-renew, which is the equivalent of cancelling your subscription. If you still have time left in your subscription, it’ll run out and then you won’t be charged again.

If you’ve been regretting a purchase of a digital magazine subscription, then hopefully this miniature guide helps you out.

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One thought on “How to cancel iOS automatic magazine renewals

  • Your comments in the beginning are interesting, but apply more to tech publications. Don’t forget that there are lots of magazines still worth reading to lots of people with original content they can’t find elsewhere… travel magazines, cooking magazines, and one of my favorites: Beer Advocate! :-)


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