Tasker goes on sale to celebrate the release of UI update

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Yesterday, Tasker got a major update that included a complete overhaul of the UI and part of its internal workings on Android 4.0+ devices. This new update will hopefully make Tasker more appealing to new users, and to build on that, the app has also gone on sale.

The price differs depending on the country. In the US, the app goes for$1.99 now, while Europe is seeing prices along the lines of €1.99, with the price here in Norway being 19.99 NOK ($3.50). No matter where you live though, it’s quite a bit off the normal price ($6.49 in the US).

As for how long this sale will last, no one knows, including the Tasker developer himself. This is essentially an experiment as much as it is a sale, and the price drop might become permanent. It all depends on how the lower price affects total income, and how that balances up with added support requests.

Either way, you have the ability to grab Tasker at a lower price right now, so I suggest you take the opportunity if you don’t own it already. Then check out our new Tasker content portal for the ultimate collection of Tasker related articles to show you exactly what this app can do. Speaking as someone who controls his home automation system from a smartwatch thanks to Tasker, I can promise you that you won’t regret buying this app!

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Download: Google Play

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