Quirky Keeper iPhone 5 wallet case review

The Quirky Keeper iPhone 5 wallet  case aims to protect your iPhone investment, and eliminate your wallet and other things you need to carry. The Keeper touts itself as a wallet killer, a bulge reducer, a stash holder, and bouncer friendly, which I’m guessing is because it’s the only thing you’ll be carrying/that has to be removed from your pockets.

The Keeper is made primarily of leather, has spots for two cards and one ID, snaps shut, and looks pretty slick. However, you’re not going to be able to fit anything additional into the wallet without using some sort of leather stretching tools or cards that don’t break easily.

The Keeper isn’t the wallet killer for me.

Quirky Keeper - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereIn my wallet I have two picture IDs I have to carry, three credit cards (since some places don’t take American Express and I’m not purchasing stuff for work with my own credit cards), and my handy dandy bottle opener credit card.

I also usually have an AA card and a couple of other miscellaneous cards that come in handy on a regular basis. A wallet killer for me involves having space for at least six cards and cash – and unless I’m missing something, there are no places to store currency.

Coming in at 5.6 ounces, the Keeper is over ten times the weight of the cards it will carry, but it does look stylish.

However, the Keeper might be the case for you

If you don’t carry coins, cash, or membership/loyalty cards, this could be an amazing case for your needs. The keeper also has plastic corner protection, so your iPhone should be shielded somewhat from drops, although I did not test the effectiveness of it.

If you’re going clubbing and need an ID and a credit card, go for it. I do sort of question the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket here, though. If you lose your wallet, usually you can use your phone to call the previous place you were.

In a Keeper world, you lose your wallet, you’ve lost your phone. You’ve also given someone your credit card and phone to go and play with.

The Keeper has some unexpected benefits.

Quirky Keeper iPhone 5 case Something I found while playing around with this is that the Keeper, when unlatched, is a marvelous kickstand both in portrait and landscape mode. While you can’t get it angled in landscape, you also aren’t going to tip it without using excessive force.

After you’ve broken the Keeper in a bit, you can whip the ID portion of the case down and it makes a nice fwapping noise. It’s good for scaring cats, swatting at things, or dealing the opening challenge for a duel.

The Keeper package I received also contained a rather amusing offer: Purchase 17 cases and the next one was free. Whether that’s a loyalty program for large vendors or just a silly card, I don’t know, but it gives a good reason to read through the product documentation.

It’s not the case for me, but it’s a pretty useful one for someone I’m sure.

The Quicky brand Keeper iPhone 5 wallet case is available from the manufacturer and Amazon for $32.99.

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6 thoughts on “Quirky Keeper iPhone 5 wallet case review

  • This will also save thieves and muggers and hassle of having to gather up your belongings….like a portable safe lol. But besides that, its a good idea.

  • I can see this being useful if Google Wallet ever comes out with that physical card…

  • I personally can’t wait to drop my wallet completely. I don’t use cash at all and I just want to plug my bank card’s info into my NFC phone and call it a day.

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  • Nice case but I’m not a fan of flaps. I much prefer the Vaultskin lexx wallet case. Very practical to use, stylish and most importantly SLIM !


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