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HTC One news roundup: Android 4.3, dipped in gold, S-OFF, and more!

Gold HTC One

So much HTC One news, so little time. Here’s the latest edition of our HTC One news update, bringing you all the stories you need to know about in one, convenient spot.

Android 4.3 rolling out now to AT&T HTC One.

The Sprint version of the HTC One has already received the Android 4.3 update, and it looks like the same update is rolling out now to AT&T-branded versions of the device. This is according to the latest tweet from HTC America president Jason Mackenzie, who is starting to create quite a following for himself with his openness and transparency about HTC’s update plans for existing devices.

To check and see if the update is available for your particular device, simply head to Settings > About phone > Software updates – since OTA updates are usually staggered, it might come to different people at different times. T-Mobile and Verizon customers should still expect this update later in the month.

HTC is dipping five HTC One phones in gold.

If you ever thought to yourself, “I’d really like my HTC One to be dipped in gold,” now is your chance. The Taiwanese manufacturer is releasing only five HTC One smartphones in 18-carat gold (see above) to celebrate the eighteenth anniversary of the MOBO awards, which recognize black and urban music in the UK. The gold HTC One will cost £2,750 (about $4400). No word yet on how the gold will affect signal quality.

HTC will launch the HTC One Max globally on October 15.

We’ve known about the HTC One Max for quite a while. According to an invitation sent out to media outlets in Taiwan, HTC Taiwan will be hosting a product launch event in Kaohsiung on Friday, October 18. But soon after that invitation, went out, another one came from Hong Kong for a launch on October 16. But according to ePrice, which is generally good with these things, the global launch for the HTC One Max will take place in China on October 15. I’m going to go with that date, because sooner is always better – right?

S-OFF has been achieved on the Verizon HTC One.

Verizon users, rejoice! S-OFF has apparently been achieved on the Verizon-branded HTC One, and it’s come late enough that, most likely, there won’t be a patch for it in the upcoming Android 4.3 update. You can find full instructions below at the XDA link, but beware – proceed at your own risk, and if you permanently brick your phone, we can’t help you.

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