An 8.9-inch HTC Nexus tablet may be in the works for later this year


Naturally, most of today’s HTC news has been all about the new HTC One M8. But while the company’s new smartphone is certainly exciting, there is another rumored HTC device that is potentially even more intriguing, a supposed HTC Nexus device currently being developed.

Indeed, according to information IHS Technology released to CNET, Google is likely to be working an 8.9-inch Google Nexus series tablet to be released later this year. The supposed manufacturer of choice? HTC. As usual, this is essentially the limit of the information currently provided, other than very general predictions. These include the claim that production will begin in July or August, and that the new “Nexus 8” tablet will be a premium priced device compared to the Nexus 7, which is still expected to get a refresh.

Other than that, we know nothing about the fabled HTC Nexus tablet outside of the predicted 8.9-inch display size. Still, this is a very interesting prediction if only because it suggests Google is returning to HTC for the manufacture of some Nexus devices. Certainly, the Google Play Edition HTC One M8 is sold in the Play Store (not to mention the Google Play Edition LG G Pad 8.3, surprisingly similar to the rumored Nexus 8), but neither of these is a true Nexus device. In fact, the last Nexus device made by HTC was in fact the first Nexus device, the lauded HTC Nexus One.

As such, it is somewhat interesting to hear that Google may be returning to HTC, instead of a company like LG to make an upgrade G Pad 8.3, or Motorola. There is little doubt that back when Google enlisted HTC to make the Nexus One they produced some of the best Android hardware available, but the Taiwanese company has been struggling somewhat as of late.

Of course, it is certainly possible that a re-teaming with Google could help HTC to regain some momentum, along with its own shiny new HTC One M8. In terms of hardware alone, it certainly seems that an 8.9-inch Android tablet is a good idea, as the size is comfortably between the 7-inch “e-book reader” tablet and the 10.1-inch near-Chromebook. If HTC does as good a job with the supposed Nexus 8 as the One M8, the theoretical 8.9-inch tablet with stock Android should be a hit provided the price is not too outrageous.

It has been quite a while since HTC has made a Nexus device, but the company can certainly make some quality hardware. It would be quite interesting to see HTC’s hardware in tablet form and with stock Android, and the Nexus tablet line could use an updated large tablet other than the Nexus 10, so let’s hope these reports turn out to be correct.

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