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Follow-up Android tip: Long press your recent apps to get to App Info

recent appsWe got some great feedback from yesterday’s Android tip, regarding long pressing your notifications to quickly get to that app’s info screen – and we also got confirmation that this works on most recent devices with custom manufacturer skins, like the HTC EVO 4G LTE, the Samsung Galaxy Note II and III, and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

But did you know you can also do this when viewing your app switcher?

Simply press your recent apps button, and long press on any of the apps that appear. You’ll get two options: Remove from list and App infoApp Info will, of course, take you to the screen where you can clear the app’s data and cache, disable or uninstall it, and view all of its permissions.

Did this tip help you? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, if you’ve got any additional Android tips to share with our readers, leave those below, as well.

Thanks, Simon!

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8 thoughts on “Follow-up Android tip: Long press your recent apps to get to App Info

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Ha! Glad to pass this tip along.

    It really is useful, especially if you know an app you were just using is one you want to force stop. I use it with the T-Mobile My Account app once in a while because it sometimes starts draining my battery due to a rogue wake-lock.

    • Avatar of Simon Belmont

      I guess I have another minor tip. If you pull down the notification shade and tape the clock in the upper left hand corner, it will take you to the settings for date and time.

      I actually prefer the way CM handles this because it takes you to your alarms instead of the date and time settings (which seems more useful). You can also separately press the date next to the time in the notification shade in CM and it’ll take you into your calendar app.

      • Avatar of Simon Belmont

        Argh. Tap* not tape.

        Proofreading fail. Oh well.

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Okay one more tip. Promise.

    If you use two fingers to expand a notification in the notification shade, it will only expand THAT notification. If you use one finger to expand a notification and keep pulling down, it will expand all expandable notifications below the one where you started. And of course, if you don’t lift your finger (or fingers), you can compress the notifications again by swiping up. OR, you can compress them individually by pinching into each notification.

  • Doesn’t work on my EVO LTE with the newest HTC 4.3 update.

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Ah, man. Bad timing on the new comments system.

    I threw a couple more tips up yesterday on the old system. I hope you guys can still see them or I guess I could rewrite them, worst case scenario.

    • Hey Simon – the old comments are still there, promise! They’re just not visible in Disqus just yet. They will be soon! :-)


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