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Sprint possibly planning to lower costs

Sprint logo grey backgroundWith Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse leaving the company in the wake of the failed T Mobile merger, some changes are going to be happening at Sprint. While most of the changes are speculative and we’ll have to wait and see if this happens, one that popped out was lower prices for contract holders.

Bolivian entrepreneur Marcelo Claure has been appointed the new CEO of Sprint, coming from Brightstar, a mobile refurbisher that he built into a $10 billion a year company, has some changes planned for the Sprint retail establishments as well.

All of this information comes from a leaked email, so while we can hope for better days, there’ve been no official promises, and for those who’ve been let down by Sprint the past few years you’ve no doubt learned to not pay much attention to such announcements.

However, with a new CEO and a lot of cash to get the infrastructure up to what they’ve promised to deliver, if Sprint can at least deliver lower prices than the competition on some data plans, it could mean the carrier coming out of a four-year nosedive in terms of satisfaction, if not customer base. It could also mean more people on an already overloaded network, sort of like when the iPhone was released on Sprint.

It could also mean it’s a good time to drop Sprint stock because lower prices could initially mean lower returns. Then again, an increased customer base might indicate higher returns. Who knows?

On a side note Sprint customers, have any of you managed to use HD voice yet and if so how did it work? It was rolled out recently, but I’ve yet to be able to place a call to anyone and see anything other than “attempting HD.” I, of course, run custom ROMs so can never fully point the finger to Sprint not delivering.

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