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iClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM Transmitter review

The iClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM Transmitter is a device that allows you to broadcast to a car radio from your connected mobile devices while simultaneously charging a connected device.

iClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM transmitter what's in the boxAssuming you have things set up correctly you can start your jam in the living room, walk out to the car and have it continue on your car stereo without touching a thing (as long as you have Bluetooth auto connecting to the IC-F33 base when it powers on).

Connecting to the thing is a breeze – power it on, search via Bluetooth connect. Turning to an unused FM station is a no-brainer – find an empty station on the radio, then rotate the station selector knob until you’re on it. You’ll have a display showing what station you’re on.

It has your standard Bluetooth multifunction buttons, track skip/back, and a volume knob for if you need to lock it in and rip the knob off, which is so hard to do these days with digital radios.

I played with this a few days and just noticed that it includes a 200mAh battery with it. I’m not sure if that’s just there to store pairing information and radio station you’ve tuned to or if you can use this off of the base. I’ll check that out later and update. I did notice that the thing always tended to appear to still be on when the car and the socket were off. Manual claims it has a 2.5 hour operating time post 1-hour charge, so I guess you can keep broadcasting after you get to your destination.

iClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM transmitteriClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM transmitter

iClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM transmitter

I’m a little disappointed that the USB power out only runs at 1amp. For being as long as the product is I’d have hoped for at least 1.5.

The price is the biggest drawback for me. Coming in at $31.99, it’s more expensive than other Bluetooth FM transmitters and quick charging 2+amp plugs combined. It’s a little bit pricy and a lot bit bulky for my tastes. For where their reviews are at and the cheapish feeling of the wheels on it, it should be closer to the $20 mark.

iClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM transmitter

Overall it works, and the sound is almost as good as when a line in is plugged in as long as you can locate a dead radio space. You need to have deepish sockets to plug this in and room for it to live as the design of it takes up a lot of space.

Quick specs

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 88.1-107.9MHz fm tuner
  • Effective range approx 5m
  • 40dB stereo separation
  • 20Hz-16KHz frequency response
  • 12-24volt 15/30mA input
  • 200mAh battery, 1 hour charging, 2.5hour operating

The iClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM Transmitter is available from Amazon for $31.99.

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